Window Industry Market Analysis

Introduction: At present, the screen industry has formed a technological innovation system represented by more than 100 companies. So what will be the future market for screen doors and windows?

Window Industry Market Analysis

Screen door and window product market analysis:

I. The future development trend of screen technology

1. There are four main categories of market screen products:

(1) Screen door (window) fan The screen door (window) where the screen is fixed on the closed frame.

(2) Reel screen door (window) Rely on helical torsion spring torsion (or other external force) to drive the screen axis (window) of yarn screen rewinding.

(3) Folding screen door (window) Opens and closes the screen door (window) by folding and retracting the gauze.

(4) Protective screen door (window) Opens and closes the screen door (window) through the door and window principle.

Product forecast

The general trend of screens in the future is: the technology of traditional industries. Improve product technology content, improve gauze technology content, product mix, DIY products.

II. Analysis and prediction of production of screen products

At present, the screen industry has formed a technological innovation system represented by more than 100 companies. The industrial output completed by these key enterprises accounted for about 50% of the total industrial output value of the entire industry. In the national key projects, image projects of large and medium-sized cities, urban landmarks, foreign-funded projects, and foreign engineering construction, the industry has established a good The market image has become the main force in the industry's technological innovation, brand excellence, and market development. Among them, four key enterprises participated in the drafting of industry standards and contributed to the improvement of the quality of the Chinese screen industry.

III. Analysis and Prediction of Screen Window Market Demand

By 2016, the demand for energy-saving doors and windows in the overall market will increase significantly. On the one hand, it is due to consumers' awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation. On the other hand, it is supported by the government's tax relief and other policies. The acceleration of the industrialization process and the expansion of the per capita residential area in rural areas will increase the demand for door and window products. The sales of protective screens will also increase as people’s safety awareness increases. By 2016, the demand for screens will reach 3.3 billion *** (16.5 million square meters).

IV. Screen Consumption Analysis and Forecast

Low-end consumption accounts for 60% of screens, 30% for mid-end consumption, and 10% for high-end consumption. The demand for screened houses will reach 10 million square meters in low-end consumption by 2016, 5 million square meters in mid-end consumption, and 1.7 million square meters in high-end consumption.

V. Screen price trend analysis

According to national industry standards, the price of manufacturing products: screen door (window) fan price 80 yuan -150 yuan / square meter: scroll screen door (window) price 160 yuan -280 yuan / square meter: folding screen door (window) price 160 yuan -380 yuan / square meter: Trackless folding screen door (window) Price 450 yuan -1000 yuan / square meter: Protective screen door (window) price 1400-2600 yuan / square meter.

Six screens need to solve the problem

The screen size is based on the size of the doors and windows. The size of Chinese doors and windows is 30M. Therefore, the height and width of the doors and windows are: There will be as many as 81 combinations, resulting in customization of screens. The method is completed. The customization method causes the increase of labor costs, material consumption, and product cost. How to solve the above problems.

1. Enterprises develop more DIY products

2. Seeing that the construction department revised the standard of doors and windows, the four key enterprises proposed construction ideas to the Ministry of Construction when they participated in the industry standards.

VII. Analysis of the main sales channels of domestic screens

1. Large-scale building materials supermarkets: The shopping environment is good, the product variety is complete, the products are displayed well, the prestige is good, the after-sales service is good, and the customers are assured of shopping.

2. Screen stores in the large building materials market: shopping environment, good products, professional products, highlighting product personality.

3. Large-scale cloth shopping mall: shopping environment is good, product display is good, product is professional, reputation is good, after-sales service is good, customers are assured of shopping.

4. Internet platform: Tmall, Alibaba, Baidu and so on.

8. Win-win cooperation with Weibo screens

1. In 1999, our company first created folding screens in the country and obtained a number of national patents.

2. Due to the technical problem of folding screens, it directly affects product quality. In 2003, our company invested 10 million RMB to develop and produce folded gauze. In 2006, our company created the waterproof net in the world, which solved the problem of deformation of folded gauze and folded it. Screen quality has laid a solid foundation.

3. In 2007, our company pioneered the creation of easy-to-removable and washable folding screens. The products are now exported to Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, India and Iran.

4. Our company has now researched and produced

Self-cleaning net - self-cleaning rain, non-stick dust, perspective rate of 65% (same as Japanese net)

Anti-pollen network - can block 87% of birch pollen, non-stick dust, rain wash self-cleaning, perspective rate of 40% (equivalent to the German network)

High transparency network - perspective rate of 75% (equivalent to the German network), non-stick dust, rain wash self-cleaning.

Synchronize products with the international. It has laid a solid foundation for the quality of folding screens reaching the international level.

5. Our company will be invited by the Ministry of Construction's Standardization Technical Committee for Building Products and Components to participate in the application of the national standards for the "Architectural Yarn Doors and Windows" industry standard.

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