Which baby dining table and chair brands are there?

When the baby learns to walk, it is necessary to begin training the baby's habit of eating on his own, but the baby is too young to eat on the big table like an adult, so baby dinning tables and chairs are born. Want to know what kind of baby dining table and chair is good? What brand of baby dining table and chair is best? The following sub-vibration furniture Xiao Bian came to everybody to count the top ten baby dining table and chair brand .


Baby table top ten brands

Laughing Baxi Baby Dining Chair

Shanghai Xiaobaxi Infant & Baby Products Co., Ltd. was incorporated on January 8, 2004 in the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce. It specializes in R&D, production and sales of cribs, baby chairs, baby bedding, baby clothes and other products. After more than eight years of solidarity, all employees of the company created the brand image of Xiaobaxi in Shanghai and became a favorite brand of Shanghai people.

Kidd's baby dining chair

Kidsmile is the independent brand of Hangzhou Aibeisi Children's Products Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Aibeisi Children's Products Co., Ltd. was established on October 9, 2008. The main design, production, sales of baby strollers [1], beds, chairs, toys and other products. At the same time agents at home and abroad well-known brand sales of related products. Kidsmile has the most professional sales team and 2 subsidiary factories. The production base is located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan and Shangyu, and the main storage bases are located in Cixi and Hangzhou.

Love sound baby dining chair

Beijing Ai Yin Qi Hang Children's Products Co., Ltd. Let the World Hear the Declaration of Love With the successful launch of Aing Children's Dining Chairs and Strollers, Beijing Ai Yin Qi Hang Children Products Co., Ltd. has gradually expanded its product team and added new products. Cribs, children's bicycles and other products. Each Ayan person takes at least 6 years from research and development to marketing. Every new product was developed and they first had to “find it” and then continue to improve until perfect. This is a group of people who are persistent and “stingy” and can’t tolerate a little embarrassment in their products. In their view, the exclusive supplies of Chinese baby must be the safest, most comfortable, most practical, and most foreign. It is also because of Aing people's "picking" that Aing really made consumers "not to pick".


Master baby chair

Focused on baby products design for many years, the master baby chair can be divided into two kinds of wood and iron. Wooden is a solid wood structure, thick material design, beautiful novelty, firm and solid; iron made of PVC fabric, easier to clean, and light, easy to fold. According to the consumer, the wooden chair for the master's child is very environmentally friendly, has no taste, and looks good; iron is not popular with wood, but the color is also positive and its appearance is also very practical.

Fisher-Price baby chair

Herman G.Fisher and lrving L.prince established a toy company in 1930. At that time, they did not expect that this historical cooperation would bring Fisher's toys to the world's children's growth for 77 years. Joy. Fisher's brand through the unremitting efforts, for every child, school-age children to create a highly imaginative and creative toys. Generation after generation of children will therefore have a different childhood of happiness. Fisher-Price's employees have always upheld this tradition. Every toy that is manufactured must be in line with the growing needs of children and it is safe and of high quality.

Shuokang baby chair

Shukang's baby products are all derived from nature, using New Zealand imported pine, without any harmful substances, environmental protection and safety, to bring health care to the baby. After years of improvement, our products have been improving and we have finally made sure that the baby can use the rest assured dining chair.

Teerfu baby chair

The company set up a sofa furniture factory in June 2005. It mainly deals with sofas, tables and chairs, etc. Now it has become a baby wooden bed, baby dining chair and other wooden products. We are adhering to the concept of "health, wisdom, love" and " Caring for Children and Serving the Family is our mission. We specialize in R&D, manufacturing, distribution and retail of children's products, and provide a full range of maternal and child products for all families in the world. In 2010, we set our own brand, “Children's Blessing.” Terry Care cares and accompanies the healthy growth of the global baby, providing each family with a scientific childcare program from the pregnancy preparation period to the preschool age. In recent years, I will continue to work hard to introduce new ideas. Our philosophy is to serve the people.

Good baby baby chair

Good dolls have become one of the world's leading manufacturers of baby products. It is a professional manufacturer of baby products, children's exercise bikes, and toys. Its predecessor was founded in 1985 as a company based on design, R&D, and mold manufacturing. The brand "Good Baby HOWAWA" has registered trademarks in mainland China, the United States, and Hong Kong. Countless babies around the world are also enjoying the endless fun of good doll brands, high quality and ideal brands. The company insists on taking science and technology as the leading factor and innovating continuously. All the products of the good dolls have been certified by the national authorities as regards patents, safety, hygiene, quality, etc. All of these achievements have been combined with the efforts and crystallization of all the good dolls. Good dolls are willing to share the latest technology and achievements with babies around the world, bringing endless fun and happiness to the parents and families of each hobby doll.


Tong Jia Beibei baby dining chair

Jiangsu Changzhou Tongjia Automobile Child Seat Co., Ltd. is a car child safety seat, children's high chair and children's daily necessities enterprise integrating R&D, pilot test, customization and sales. The product models adopted by our company's own brand "Tongjiababy" are all products that our company obtained the European ECE R44/04 certification test certificate. The quality is the same level as the products of foreign brands. "Tongjia Beibei" full range of products exported to Germany, the United States, Russia, South Korea, Brazil, Poland, Taiwan, South Africa, Egypt, the UAE and other countries, and established a good trade partnership. Tong Jia Company pays attention to product development and safety performance and quality assurance, and is committed to the innovation of “car child safety seat”. After many years of exploration, the company has realized the serialization and specialization of its products. It is a professional car child safety seat R&D, manufacturing and sales enterprise.

Warm baby dining chair

Warm baby dining chair is a popular supplier for the baby dining chair industry. The brand is also a more popular brand in China. Warm baby dining chair has a high degree of attention on well-known domestic search engines or shopping websites. It also has a very high support rate on who is high online and is a better brand for online shopping.

Well, the above is Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the relevant information of the top ten brands of baby dining tables and chairs , I believe after reading the baby dining table and chair will help you choose it.

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