When is the Chinese banyan tree transplanted, the Chinese eucalyptus transplanting technology

The eucalyptus tree is tall and the flowers are light yellow. It is often used as a shade tree and a street tree, and has certain economic value and medicinal value. Then when is the national banyan tree transplanted, what are the transplanting techniques of the national banyan tree? Today, the small partners of the popular agrochemical investment network will share with you.

First, choose the appropriate country eucalyptus transplanting period

The best time to transplant the country is usually in the early spring, but the best transplanting period is also available in other seasons. We found that the photosynthesis of trees is most active between 10 ° C and 25 ° C, gradually weakening below 10 ° C, and gradually stops above 40 ° C. In the original crown transplanting of arbor, it is necessary to choose a weaker period of photosynthesis. During this period, the nutrient consumption of the tree is small, which is the best period for transplanting.

Second, shorten the national eucalyptus transplanting cycle and strengthen nursing

The transplanting cycle is an important factor in the survival of the transplanting of the country. In the greening construction, we increase the survival rate by minimizing the transplanting cycle. Under normal circumstances, we control the transplanting period within 12 hours. The distance between the trees and the transplanting ground is close to the planting. It can be planted from the arbor to the arbor planting for no more than 4 hours.

If the original crown arbor needs to be shipped, the transplanting period must not exceed 24 hours. For example, because the road is too far, and the transplanted tree species are precious tree species, and must be transplanted, in the process of transporting the original crown trees, the original crown trees are treated on the way, the leaf surface is sprayed with anti-transpiration agent, and the root soil ball is sprayed with water and sprayed. Apply compound fertilizer nutrient solution, etc., reduce the organic matter consumption of the tree and ensure the normal regeneration of the root hair.

Third, to prevent the loss of water from the national banyan tree

Appropriate supplementation of water loss in the tree is an important reason for the decline in survival rate after transplanting. In the process of transplanting the Chinese carp, the tree body water is moderately supplemented by three methods to ensure survival after transplanting. First, water was poured in the 48 hours before transplanting to make the roots fully absorb water; secondly, the leaves were sprayed 2 hours before transplanting; and the third was moderately watered after transplanting. After the trees were watered for 48 hours, the trees were immediately taken out, the roots were kept moist, and transplanting was completed within 12 hours.

Fourth, the national eucalyptus root fertilization, supplement nutrients

After transplanting the Chinese wolfberry, whether the root system normally absorbs water and nutrients directly affects the survival rate. Therefore, after transplanting in the country, we supplemented the tree nutrients by root fertilization. The first is the root-grass soil ball water spray compound fertilizer nutrient solution; the second is the backfill soil mixed with farmyard manure, the mixing ratio is determined by the tree's own conditions; the third is to apply fertilizer when the first watering. Of course, the amount of fertilization depends on the condition of the tree itself. It is impossible to apply too much fertilizer, and it is not possible to apply fertilizer. The root absorption and the consumption of the tree body are subject to the standard.

5. Protecting the roots of the eucalyptus tree and repairing the wound

The root cap is located at the forefront of the apex and has a protective meristor zone to protect the meristematic zone from injury. Therefore, in the process of arbor unearthing, it is necessary to protect the root crown to the utmost extent, so that the root crown can reduce the damage. Once the meristem is damaged, measures must be taken to repair it. One is to retain the maximum soil moisture when the trees are unearthed.

Generally speaking, when the tree is unearthed, the ratio of the root to the crown of the tree should be 1:1, the vertical line of the canopy is crossed, and the tree is excavated according to the size of the canopy; the second is to carry out the bandage of the soil ball while excavating the soil. The soil around the root of the tree is scattered and damages the root hair; the third is that the main root is removed in the root hair area to ensure that the root crown, the meristematic area and the elongation area are intact; fourth, after the tree is unearthed, the antibacterial liquid is sprayed on the root of the root to prevent the root. rot. Through the maximum protection of the roots and the repair of the wounds, the survival rate of transplanting of the national carp can be greatly improved.

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