What is the procedure for using an air respirator?

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This article China Security Network Xiaobian introduces the use of air breathing apparatus. First, air breathing apparatus is widely used in fire protection, chemical, shipbuilding, petroleum, smelting, warehouse, laboratory, mining and other departments for firefighters or rescue personnel. In the various environments such as heavy smoke, poison gas, steam or oxygen deficiency, fire extinguishing, disaster relief and ambulance work are safely and effectively. The following is a positive pressure air breathing apparatus, for example, how to use air breathing apparatus correctly.
Introduction to the use of air breathing apparatus
Air breathing apparatus steps
Air breathing apparatus use:
The air breathing apparatus should be prepared as follows before use:
1. Check whether the components of the air breathing apparatus are complete, no defects, and whether the joints, pipelines and valve body connections are intact.
2. Check the air tightness and air supply pressure values ​​of the air breathing apparatus air supply system.
3. Close the bypass valve and air supply valve of the air supply valve, then open the bottle valve switch, and wear the full cover properly in the head to take a breath. The valve of the air supply valve should be able to automatically open and supply air.
4. Check if the gas cylinder is fixed firmly.
How to wear an air respirator:
After doing the above checks, you can wear the air breathing apparatus. The steps are as follows:
1. The air respirator will be disconnected from the quick connector. The bottle valve will be placed on the back of the human body. The air respirator without the quick connector will separate the full cover from the air supply valve and then return the bottle valve to the back of the human body. Adjust the length of the adjustment belt according to the height, adjust the length of the belt according to the waist circumference, and buckle the belt. Adjust the pressure gauge to a position that is easy for the wearer to observe.
2. Insert the quick connector, and the air supply valve and the full face cover should be connected. The air breathing device without the quick connector should hang the neckband of the full cover on the neck.
3. Open the bottle valve switch more than one turn. At this time, there should be a loud alarm sound, indicating that the bottle valve is filled with compressed air after opening; the pointer of the pressure gauge should also be related to the corresponding pressure.
4. Wear a full face mask and take a deep breath. Observe the pressure gauge after the air supply valve is supplied. If there is a back swing, it means that the air volume of the bottle valve switch is not enough. It should be opened again to know that the pressure gauge does not fall back.
At this point, the air respirator is worn and the next step can be done.
To remove the air respirator, you can do the following:
1. Loosen the full cover strap and close the valve of the air supply valve;
2. Remove the full face mask from the head and hang the neck strap around your neck;
3. Close the valve of the bottle valve;
4, untie the belt clip, in order to facilitate the removal of the respirator from the human body, move the adjustment belt clip, the adjustment belt is automatically elongated;
5. Remove the air respirator from the human body and place it in a clean, non-polluted area.


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