What is the classification of smart switch smart switches

The intelligent switch refers to a unit that utilizes the combination and programming of the control board and the electronic components to realize the intelligent switch control of the circuit. The intelligent switch has a wide use environment and high usage rate, and various types of intelligent switches meet the needs of various people's environments. What are the classifications of smart switches?

Smart switch classification:

According to the function , the intelligent switch is mainly divided into dimming switch, scene switch, binding switch, intelligent air switch and so on. The scene switch is a multi-device one-button control switch; the binding switch mainly implements one touch button corresponding to one or more load switches, and repeatedly touches the button to switch states; the smart air switch is also known as a smart air circuit breaker, which is somewhat similar The intelligent master switch can of course also be single-control for the same class.

The button position is divided , which is easier to understand. It mainly controls the lights of different roads. The common ones include one button, two buttons and three buttons to control one, two and three channels respectively.

Smart switch

According to the material , according to the material, it is actually divided according to the panel material. For the present, it can be divided into plastic switch, glass switch and metal switch. Under the subdivision, different plastics (such as acrylic, PC and Acrylic + PC, etc.) plastic switches, metal switches with different metals (mostly aluminum alloy).

According to the interaction , the interaction here is specifically the control of the local end. According to this point, the intelligent switch can be actually divided into a push-button intelligent switch and a touch-type intelligent switch. The former is relatively convenient, the latter is relatively beautiful, and of course the difference is Not big, mainly the difference in family habits.

According to the standard , we do not consider communication standards, mainly national standards. Commonly, such as China has national standards, Europe has European standards, Australia has Australian standards, the United States has American standards, and the United Kingdom has British standards. An important issue with all the various standards of smart switches is that these standard systems are different and many are not universal.

According to the line , it mainly refers to the standard distinction of domestic cassettes. The reason is that there is a single fire and zero fire in the dark box. This also directly leads to the intelligent switch being divided into single fire line intelligent switch and zero fire line intelligent switch. And single zero fire adaptive light control intelligent switch. Among them, the single zero fire adaptive light control intelligent switch is the exclusive creation of WULIAN global exclusive, and recently passed the TUV Rheinland CB global certification, the future is expected to completely end the single zero fire smart switch.

According to the load , it can be easily divided into high power switch and non-high power switch. Although there is no standard requirement for high-power switches, the maximum load capacity is usually around 2000W. For example, if a switch controls multiple power devices at the same time (such as large living room crystal lamps, etc.), such smart switches are very important. Of course, the benefit of this smart switch is that it can be used for industrialization.

The above is the classification of the smart switches that are compiled and summarized. Does your home use smart switches? Using smart switches can make your home style a lot better.

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