What is the American garden sofa? Good scenery for you to explain

Good scenery home news news Modern urban life rhythm is getting more and more happy, people's work efficiency is also accelerating, many people will feel irritated and exhausted. People will want to feel the nature at home, return to the truth, hope to return home, feel the fresh and idyllic atmosphere when lying on the sofa , bathe in the quiet and comfortable, temporarily forget the troubles, enjoy life in peace and leisure. So how much do you know about the garden sofa? The following good scenery home introduces you to some features of the American garden sofa.

美式田园沙发是什么? 好风景为你讲解

American garden sofa inherits the characteristics of American furniture, with warm and soft tones, wide style, more carvings, curved curves, dark woven fabrics, independent springs, sitting comfort is quite comfortable! American sofa surface is covered with thick The high-grade fabric of the latitude and longitude weaving. The high-quality sofa observation surface can see the fine stitches on the fabric! Emphasize the random and natural placement. American sofas do not particularly emphasize the design and placement of sets, but also advocate the freedom of matching, mainly emphasizing personal preferences. Use dark and heavy fabrics

American pastoral sofa fabric grades can be divided into: printed fabric, jacquard printed fabric, woven fabric, embroidered fabric, imitation leather fabric, etc.

Printed fabric: printed on the surface of cotton or blended fabric, which is rich in pattern! It can be divided into 6 sets of colors, 8 sets of colors and 10 sets of colors when printing. The more colors, the more vivid the colors, the more realistic the pattern! The more expensive the price is.

Jacquard printed fabric: Jacquard in order to increase the three-dimensional sense of the pattern, the printing is more colorful and woven jacquard cloth: all the patterns are not printed, but are woven with colored yarn, before dyeing the yarn, then use the color Yarn is woven into a pre-designed fabric! The advantage of weaving is that the pattern is more realistic and more solid! Basically never fades! Long life!
Embroidered fabric: In order to achieve a better pattern effect, the effect of embroidering is better! Imitation leather fabric: the effect of making the surface of the cloth into leather with a special process

The above is the information about the American garden sofa, want to know more furniture information, please pay attention to the good scenery home

Source: Good scenery home

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