What are the faults that are easy to occur in addition to the injection molding process?

A brief introduction to troubleshooting in injection molding


1. Reduce the injection pressure and pressure; 2. Reduce the mold temperature;

3. Adjust the buffer of feeding or quantification; 4. Increase the cooling time;

5, shorten the mold closing time (male mode) 6, extend the mold closing time (mother model);

7. Check if the mold is sunken and the draft is sufficient.

Charred (BURN MaRKS)

1. Increase the gate or change the position; 2. Reduce the injection speed or shorten the pressure time;

3, reduce the temperature of the nozzle or tube; 4, improve the air hole in the cavity.

Discoloration (DISCOLRaTION)

1. Clean the material pipe and the barrel; 2. Reduce the injection temperature;

3, increase the mold air hole; 4, replace the smaller machine;

5. The injection cycle is shortened; 6. The nozzle temperature is lowered;

7. Check if the feeding area and the barrel are contaminated.


1. Confirm whether the material is sufficiently dry; 2. Reduce the proportion of recycled materials;

3. Reduce the temperature of the melt glue; 4. Check whether the material is mixed with miscellaneous materials.

Mold line (WELD LINE)

1. Increase the injection pressure and the rate of fire; 2. Add a hole in the mold line;

3. Provide an overflow well at the mold line; 4. Extend the pressure holding time;

5. Change the position of the gate and change the form of the flow.

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