What are the advantages of imitation wood floor tiles?

In the home decoration, ceramic tile is a common decoration material. There are a lot of styles and materials in the market for everyone to choose. Among them, wood floor tiles have been favored by many consumers because of their dual functions of solid wood and ceramic tiles. So what are the advantages of using imitation wood floor tiles in the process? How to buy fake wood floor tiles? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

What are the advantages of imitation wood floor tiles?

1. The wood floor tile has a very natural wood grain line, its surface is soft and beautiful, with a vivid, realistic imitation effect, can achieve the same effect as the use of ivory floor decoration. The use of imitation wood floor tiles indoors not only protects its walls and floors from the effects of humidity in the air, but also enhances the visual effects of interior finishes.

2. Compared to the price of solid wood flooring and composite wood flooring in the market, the price of wood floor tiles is still cheaper. At the same time, it also has the common characteristics of both wood and ceramic tiles, allowing consumers to You can experience more product features while spending less money.

3. When using imitation wood floor tiles, the ground can be laid directly after leveling with cement mortar. The construction process and standards are relatively simple. When laying other materials, it is necessary to level them in advance. Playing keel, the operation is very tedious.

4. Imitation wood floor tiles use white cement for jointing treatment, can effectively solve the problem of tile gap ash, and cleaning is also very convenient. At the same time, when cleaning the wood floor tiles, we do not need to consider too many factors, you can directly wash with clean water, convenient and quick.

5. Because of the characteristics of tile, the wood floor tile has good flame retardancy, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and deformation resistance. It is not easily affected by external forces during application and causes cracks and deformation. , to allow occupants to use more at ease.

Super practical tile selection tips

1. When you buy tiles, you can observe the surface of the tiles by naked eye to see if the color is even and the tiles themselves are intact. If these are no problem, you can purchase; if the tile surface has a large color difference, local Deformation or defect indicates that this is a defective product and should not be purchased.

2. When buying a tile, you can also raise the tile and hold it to the corner of the tile by hand. Then gently tap the middle and lower part of the tile with the index finger of the other hand to hear the sound to determine whether it is good or bad. If you give a crisp sound, then prove that the quality of this piece of tile is very good protection, suitable for purchase; if you send a low sound, then prove it is a poor quality tile, can not be purchased.

Xiao Bian epilogue: The above is Xiaobian's analysis of the advantages of wood floor tiles and some ceramic tile selection techniques. I hope that friends who have troubles in this area can help. If you still want to know or consult more relevant information, welcome to pay attention to this site!

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