The market is sluggish into a "chicken rib"

Faced with the same world, the same market, the same kind of competition law, companies have different fates. Some winds are smooth, some are difficult to move; some companies are accelerating their growth, while others are experiencing rapid decline. In the case of an intensified competitive situation, overcapacity has brought great impact to both types of enterprises. One type is old enterprises. Due to small production capacity, high energy consumption, high cost, and unreasonable product structure; the other is a company without a brand, its own enterprise management is chaotic, and its products are not competitive. The release of production capacity in the fastest time has become a key consideration for wooden doors enterprises. It is undeniable that when the market is good, the production of large-volume production lines at full capacity will not only increase productivity, but also reduce production costs. However, once the market sales are weak, the production lines of the production line will bring more drawbacks and pressures to the enterprise. The market is sluggish into a "chicken rib". The wooden door enterprises should take countermeasures. The surge in production capacity has brought huge pressure to the market. The huge capacity pressure brought by the surge in production capacity has become an urgent problem for enterprises. A few days ago, through the visit to Chengdu and the surrounding wooden door market, the market was sluggish, and the dealers’ inventory pressure was also very large, which could not help the company to digest production capacity. In this regard, the industry said that the big line is like a "double-edged sword". When the market is smooth, it can create more wealth and benefits for the enterprise, but when the market is depressed, it will become the last straw to overwhelm the enterprise. The growth rate of capacity expansion is geometrically growth. In addition to the sluggish overall building materials market, the geometric growth rate of capacity expansion may be a deeper reason. Under such circumstances, some enterprises with internal management confusion, tight capital chain and low added value of products will inevitably fall under the market competition and even close down. However, any industry will certainly have a reshuffle in the market competition. It should be said that this year's market situation has only accelerated the reshuffle of these companies. In order to cope with the sluggish market situation, many companies have begun to cut prices. Some enterprises have stopped production to cut production, and some enterprises are building new lines or purchasing new equipment for industrial upgrading. In this regard, some insiders pointed out that the wooden door enterprises should first find their own positioning. The strategy of “small profits but quick turnover” is also a development model, but “small profits but quick turnover” is not simply a matter of volume and price. There should be corresponding product innovation and good after-sales service. Of course, the pursuit of "high quality, high quality and high price" must put forward higher requirements for enterprise strength, manufacturer product research and development capabilities, brand promotion and resource integration capabilities. In fact, as long as the word of mouth goes up, the production area is well-known, and the benefits of the company are good, and the problem will naturally be solved effectively.

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