The future plastics industry needs to be at the forefront of environmental protection

When it comes to environmental protection, it is a topic that is closely related to human life. With the continuous development of science and technology, the environmental protection industry is the trend of the times, and the plastic industry , which is closely related to environmental protection, has become the focus of the public. As far as the overall market is concerned, environmentally-friendly degradable plastic bags, environmentally-friendly flame retardants, environmentally-friendly plastic granulators, and waste plastics and environmentally-friendly recycled products continue to emerge, and the development trend of the plastics industry is still good.
Optimistic outlook for environmentally friendly waterborne coatings
China has become the world's largest paint producer, but environmental protection has always been the topic of greatest concern. Waterborne coatings have a market share of more than 60% in Japan, Europe and the United States due to their environmental protection, while this proportion in China is significantly lower. According to industry insiders, in the next five years, the share of waterborne coatings in the Chinese market can reach 20%. Therefore, the development of water-based coatings not only meets the needs of China's development of environmental protection and energy-saving industries, but also supports and encourages environmentally-friendly and energy-saving coatings enterprises, and is more conducive to meeting consumers' needs for health and safety.
Environmentally friendly degradable plastic packaging is concerned
At present, plastic packaging materials are widely used in food, daily necessities and other fields. At present, in the production process of plastic packaging products, the health and safety performance risks of packaging materials themselves, product quality, especially toxicity, endanger the health and safety of consumers. Plastic packaging materials are closely related to people's lives, and they are widely used and widely used. Therefore, green and environmentally-friendly, degradable plastic packaging materials are more in line with current consumer demand and environmental requirements. Plastic packaging companies need to focus on developing more environmentally-friendly plastic packaging materials to meet market demand and economic benefits.
Energy-saving and environment-friendly plastic machinery into the development focus
Traditional plastic machinery consumes a lot of energy, costs are high, and it is easy to pollute the environment. Therefore, the plastic machinery industry needs to pay attention to the requirements of environmental protection while improving the high-quality, high-efficiency and low-consumption production functions of plastic presses, focusing on energy-saving and environmental protection. Model to balance the contradiction between economic development and environmental protection. In recent years, the plastic machinery industry has taken the industrial transformation and upgrading as the main line, adhered to the road of independent innovation, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high-end development, accelerated the cooperation of industry, academia and research, and successively developed and produced a large number of high-efficiency and energy-saving plastic machinery products.

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