The development of furniture enterprises in the two extremes

Since its establishment in 1991, Mori Furniture has been focusing on "domestic sales". Now the domestic sales ratio has increased from 70% to more than 90%. In addition to 2 self-operated stores, they have nearly 500 domestic franchise stores. Previously, they had been producing panel furniture. This year, they developed and launched panel furniture. Since its launch on the market, sales have increased rapidly. It is expected that the company's product sales this year will increase by more than 25 compared with last year.

Reporter: "These furniture are the board and wood series furniture developed by Mori Sheng in order to meet the needs of the domestic market. These furniture were introduced to the market from the beginning of this year. The market has been well received. So far, it has been in short supply."

Banmu furniture is a combination of panel furniture and solid wood furniture, so that it can adapt to more consumer groups. Since the end of 2009, Sensheng Furniture has independently developed two series of plank wood furniture: "America-Walnut" and "Fashion Runcai" .

Zhu Xiaokun, deputy general manager of Mori Sheng Furniture: "We have opened a whole production line separately for this board furniture since the middle of the year. It is initially estimated that the sales volume will be comparable to 2009 It has increased to a range of 25% to 28%. Our future development in the company is still mainly based on board furniture as the main body of production and development. "

Nowadays, many furniture companies such as Huawei, Huahui, and Dixin of Houjie have entered the "domestic sales" market, and as early as 10 years ago, Dixin Furniture set up its own marketing department in Wuhan and opened the "domestic sales" in advance "window. This year, in the face of rising production materials, many furniture companies have also chosen to maintain the original price and tap potential internally, with a view to first increasing market share and then seeking great development.

Zhu Xiaokun, deputy general manager of Mori Sheng Furniture: "We have intensified our efforts to control a cost within the enterprise, and resolved the rise in furniture materials in 2010 from several aspects, resulting in a decrease in the profit of the enterprise. On the other hand, it also requires a branding of the external environment, as well as improving the level of terminal services and after-sales service. "
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