The Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed the world's first 10-meter iron-based superconducting long line

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed the world's first 10-meter iron-based superconducting long line

Recently, Ma Yanwei's research group of the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully developed the world's first high-performance 122-type iron-based superconducting long wire of the order of 10 meters, which achieved a new breakthrough in the field of iron-based superconducting wire strips. Related results were published in the "Physics Series C." The iron-based superconductor is the second high-temperature superconducting system after the copper oxide superconductor discovered in 1986, and has unique application advantages in the field of high field.

In practical applications, it is necessary to prepare superconductors as wire strips for current transmission or magnet winding. Therefore, research and development of superconducting wire materials with high current-carrying properties and their large-scale production techniques are to realize the application of iron-based superconducting materials to high-voltage applications. The essential.

Previously, Ma Yanwei's research group developed the first iron-based superconducting wire in the world. The current performance of the 122-type iron-based superconducting tape prepared in 2014 reached 4.2K/14T and reached 100,000 ampere-square centimeters, indicating that China has taken the lead in practicality. Recently, the research group also made important progress in the low-cost preparation of iron-based superconducting tapes, and developed a high-performance 122-type superconducting tape using pure copper as a jacket material.

On the basis of obtaining high quality and short samples, the preparation of high-performance long wires is the only way for new iron-based superconducting materials to be used on a large scale, and is also one of their major technical difficulties. The research group systematically studied key technologies such as phase composition and microstructure control and uniform processing of interface complexes involved in the preparation process, and finally successfully developed a high-performance 122-type iron-based superconducting long wire with a length of 11 meters. The transmission current performance exceeds 18,400 ampere-square centimeters at a magnetic field of 10 Tesla, thereby laying a solid foundation for subsequent industrial production.

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