Symptoms and control methods of boron deficiency in cauliflower

If the boron deficiency of cauliflower is not controlled, it will lead to a decrease in yield, affecting quality and production efficiency. The symptoms and prevention methods of boron deficiency in cauliflower are described below for reference.

1. Symptoms. Boron deficiency is mainly characterized by stiff and fragile stems and leaves, blocked growth of the parietal lobe, outward curling of the leaves, deformity, widening and thickening of the midrib of the leaves, yellowing from the lower leaves, yellow-brown plaques outside the stems, and intermittent internal Holes, the inside of the severe flower stems are brown and rot, resulting in hollow pulp (pictured); the roots are short and thick, and the growth is poor; the flower head is small, showing yellow-brown spots, and severe inflorescences die.

2. Prevention methods. (1) Add organic Fertilizer. Organic fertilizer can fertilize the soil, enhance soil water retention capacity, promote root development, and promote the absorption of boron by plants. It also contains the medium and trace elements needed for the growth and development of cauliflower. (2) Soil application of boron fertilizer. Before the cauliflower planting, combined with the application of organic fertilizer, apply 0.5~1 kg of borax per acre, mix well with organic fertilizer, or mix well with 5-10 kg of fine dry soil, sprinkle it on the ground and turn it into the ground to avoid uneven application of boron fertilizer. Causes excessive local boron damage. (3) Reasonable irrigation. During the growth of cauliflower, water is properly watered to ensure a balanced supply of water and prevent soil drought or excessive moisture, so as not to affect the absorption of boron by roots. (4) Foliar spray of boron. If improper management measures are taken in the early stage, if there is a symptom of boron deficiency during the growth of cauliflower, spray 0.1% to 0.2% borax solution on the foliar surface, spray once every 7 to 10 days, and spray 2 to 3 times.
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