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The switch is one of the materials that must be few in the decoration. Each decoration owner hopes to buy a product with high performance-price ratio, but what to do if they choose to face the exquisite switch on the market? Brand is good. Then, for the rest of us, we will introduce which brand is good for switching and the switching skills.

Which brand is good to switch

1, Legrand

Although the switch is a small item, it is very useful. The quality of Legrand switches has always been recognized by consumers. From the durability, fashion, style and style of products, every design has been improved.

2, TCL

The TCL switch can be said to be a household name and has a very high reputation. The TCL brand is large in size, strong in strength, and has strong annual production capacity. It can be said that it is second to none in the industry.


Simon's switch has a very high reputation in the world, has a strong scientific and technological strength, the added value and technological content of the product are very high, and affordable, very popular with consumers.

4. Flying Eagle

Feidiao products will be cheaper than other brands, and they will meet the national quality standards. However, its durability is not sufficient, and the design is more general.

5, Siemens

Siemens, as a world-renowned brand, is a leader in the industry of Siemens products among so many brands, and its competitiveness is also very strong.

Switch purchase skills

1, see the appearance

The high-quality switches and socket panels are all made of high-grade plastic products that look uniform and have a smooth, smooth surface.

2, see the internal structure

The use of high-quality composite materials that meet national standards prevents the arc from causing oxidation during opening and closing.

3, look at the brand

It is best to choose a first-line brand, whether it is safety or quality.

4, see merchants

To choose a formal business authorized by the company to avoid buying counterfeit products.

5, see the plug

The plug form is generally flat, divided into two poles and two poles with grounding, commonly known as three-pole plug.

6, smell smell

Whether the switch smells odor or not, smells indicate that the product material is mixed with other chemical components and it is harmful to the human body. It is best not to purchase it.

Edit summary: Which brand is good to switch on and switch purchase skills are introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone. Want to learn more related knowledge can focus on this site information.

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