Strictly guard against high temperature and high humidity, and there are flaws in wallpaper in summer.

The wallpaper is most afraid of the rainy season. What should we pay attention to when it comes to the moisture-proof of wallpaper? When should the wallpaper moisture-proof be taken from the decoration? The previous foundation is well-played, and the real thing is OK in the later stage? Let's take a look at the material of the wallpaper, the specifications of the construction, and the maintenance of the later period.

Select breathable material

There are many kinds of wallpapers on the wallpaper market, such as non-woven fabrics, wood fibers, PVC, glass fiber substrates, fabrics, etc. Relatively speaking, PVC wallpapers are the most airtight, and the wall is most easily discharged. The water vapor is stuffy inside, and it is easy to form mildew after a long time.

Keep the wall dry

The wall must be kept dry, and the new cement construction must be maintained for 20 days to 40 days before the wallpaper can be laid. It is worth noting that when decorating, be careful not to let the non-standard construction mix the sea sand that is not suitable for the wall brush. The sea sand has a high salt content, and it is easy to absorb the water and bury the “water problem” for the later wall.

Before you post the wallpaper, you need to handle the base. If the second-hand house is refurbished, the gap in the wall must be filled, otherwise the wallpaper will be easy to empty.

Pay attention to the quality of paving

The three-point material seven-point project pays attention to small details when laying wallpaper on the wall, which can achieve better results.

Wallpapers generally have a variety of patterns, when laying out, you must pay attention to whether there is a large gap between the two wallpapers, whether the mosaic is aligned. In addition, watering the tiles during the paving will wet the wallpaper, and there will be some shrinkage after drying. The shrinkage seam of the wall should not open to the windward opening as much as possible.

Insist on maintenance

Proper maintenance can extend the life of the wallpaper and enhance moisture resistance.

Do not open the windows or doors within 24 hours after construction and after the completion of construction. Excessive ventilation caused the wallpaper to be sharply dried and unevenly contracted, causing cracks in the joints. After 3 days of paving, pay attention to adjusting ventilation. Doors and windows should be opened during the day to keep ventilation. At night, doors and windows should be closed to prevent moisture from entering, thus affecting the firmness of the paste.

Summary: Most of the friends who choose to use wallpaper to install their homes are considering its beauty. In order to make full use of its advantages, we can do a lot before, during and after the renovation. With this done, we can have beautiful walls.

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