Spring decoration need to pay attention to four strokes to avoid problems in early spring home decoration

As the temperature gradually rises, the pace of spring is getting closer and closer. Spring is the hot period of home improvement. The mild weather and moist air provided a lot of benefits for the spring decoration. However, there are also many headaches. In particular, the wet problem has a great impact on the home improvement construction. If the treatment is not good, it will bring in countless repairs. trouble. The following Xiaobian is like everyone's attention to introduce the spring decoration, together to understand it.

I. North and South weather is different: differentiating between defense priorities

Regardless of weather differences and blindly dealing with the decoration of the spring building materials, it is easy to deceive and play a counter part. In general, the southern spring is dominated by the South, and the construction of the clay tile is not greatly influenced by the major impact. The focus of defense should be on the moisture-proof construction and paint construction. Reasonably arrange the process, and do a good job of the first to do the tile and hydropower reform. The project will wait until the weather turns warm after Qingming and then do woodworking, painting, etc.

On the other hand, northern springs are characterized by large winds, sand blowing, and dry weather, and the weather changes greatly. Therefore, the key defense work should be placed on the protection of finished products that have already been processed, the proper storage of building materials, and the sand-proofing of wall paintings. on.

Second, the risk of carpentry is extremely high: carefully remember to reserve the gap

Carpenters are used by almost every family more or less, but they are extremely expensive. Whether in the spring or in the south or in the north, wood is very easy to expand or contract with the seasons. Therefore, furniture production, When the wooden door is installed, a certain gap should be reserved. When laying the wooden floor, at least 1 cm of expansion joints should be reserved along the wall, and the plastic bulge with very low expansion rate should be used to fix the keel and the floor.

In addition, after the timber is bought in spring, it should be placed in the house for two or three days and adapted to the gas phase (best room temperature should be maintained at 16-18°C), and it should not be placed near the air outlet or the heating. Immediately after entering the site, a layer of closed paint should be applied. Seal oil as soon as possible after production, cut off moisture evaporation, avoid deformation and shrinkage.

Decoration construction knowledge spring decoration knowledge

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