Solid wood sofa, the kind of wood, beautiful shore, pure furniture, teach you to choose solid wood sofa skills

Mei'an Chunmei Furniture Newsletter At present, the furniture sold in the market is mainly divided into solid wood furniture and sheet furniture . However, it is really difficult for people who know this kind of sheet for the layman. Let's take a look at the selection. solid wood sofa solid wood sofa techniques and use plate that good?

实木沙发那种木材好 美岸纯美家具教你挑选实木沙发技巧

First, the selection of solid wood sofa

1, look at the material solid wood has a lot of a variety of materials, the price of solid wood sofas of different materials are also very different, because the average consumer is difficult to distinguish which kind of material is solid wood, furniture experts tell you a simple way to distinguish the hardness of wood And wood grain, the higher the hardness of the wood, the more beautiful the wood grain, the more precious the material and the higher the price.

2, when checking the selection of solid wood, consumers can see whether the sofa sofa has natural wood knots; finally, whether there is color difference in solid wood, the real solid wood surface is generally colored.

3, look at the details to see if the wood has cracks, insects, mildew, as long as there are these kinds of situations, you should not buy.

4, check the frame solid wood sofa is reinforced with screws and protective blocks, consumers can sit on the sofa and try a few times, see if the sofa will appear creaking sound, if there is, it is best not to buy.

5, smell the smell to see if there is a stimulating smell, if there is a pungent smell, it is likely that the paint on the surface of the solid wood sofa contains excessive formaldehyde, in this case, do not buy, this will cause great harm to the body.

实木沙发那种木材好 美岸纯美家具教你挑选实木沙发技巧

Second, the wood of the solid wood sofa is good

First of all, in terms of value, which wood is good for wood sofas. This is undoubtedly the mahogany. Redwood includes eight types of rosewood, rosewood, fragrant wood, black rosewood, red rosewood, ebony, striped ebony and chicken wing wood. Redwood is a log, and it has a high collection value. Many high-end furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties are made with it. At present, the price of mahogany sofas on the market must be at least 10,000 yuan.

From the perspective of affordable, the wood sofa can be said to be a pine sofa. Pine sofa is the cheapest one of all solid wood sofas. It also has many advantages. It is natural and environmentally friendly. It is a good material for solid wood children's furniture, but it also has the disadvantage that the pine sofa is soft in texture, easy to deform, and cannot bear heavy objects.

From a practical point of view, which kind of wood is a solid wood sofa is a sofa made of eucalyptus eucalyptus wood. These two kinds of wood are harder, and the furniture sofa made is also better in texture, clear texture, anti-termite effect, practical Sex is also stronger, the price is much cheaper than mahogany.

The above is the information about the selection of solid wood sofas. If you want to know more about furniture, please pay attention to Meimei Chunmei Furniture.

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