Solid wood flooring manufacturers which are the best selling solid wood flooring brands

Wood floor has become the first choice for many consumers' ground decoration. The solid wood floor has the advantages of sound insulation, adjustable humidity, cool in winter and cool in summer, harmless in green, and durable. It has won the favor of consumers. Which solid wood flooring manufacturers which is good? The following will recommend for you some high reputation wood flooring manufacturers , take a look!

Solid wood flooring manufacturers, recommended 1. Anxin floor

Anxin solid wood flooring has always been known for its high quality, natural environment protection, elegant appearance and unique and elegant ground decoration. As a solid wood flooring company, Anxin has imported more than 30 varieties of flooring materials from more than 20 countries in the world. Relief on the surface of solid wood flooring is exquisite workmanship, showing artistic beauty, playing the ultimate decorative effect in space.

Solid wood flooring manufacturers, recommended 2. Natural floor

Nature's solid wood flooring is made of natural materials, no radioactive elements, and no toxic gas formaldehyde. It is harmless to the human body and is favored by families with elderly and children. Nature Home is committed to building a green and healthy home improvement, with research and development, production and marketing of green and healthy flooring and home products, and it has a high reputation in the industry, one of the consumer's favorite brands.

Solid wood flooring manufacturers, recommended 3. Jiusheng floor

The Jiusheng flooring brand, after only a short period of more than ten years, has won several professional awards that other flooring companies have spent for decades or even decades. The company began to take a branded, professional development path, to provide consumers with a higher quality home experience, as solid wood flooring manufacturers, Jiusheng ranked in the industry in the forefront.

Solid wood flooring manufacturers, recommended 4. get hi floor

Solid wood flooring is a high-quality flooring product of Dexi Wood. Since its listing in 2002, Dexi Floor has been awarded with “China Famous Brand”, “China Environmental Protection Product”, “Consumer Trustworthy Product”, “China Exempt Product” and “China's Flooring Industry Top Ten Impacts”. "Power brand" and other honors. Thanks to the floor manufacturers, new product development and technological innovation are used to increase product value. Superb craftsmanship and advanced management have ensured the outstanding quality of Dexi flooring, satisfactory after-sales service guarantee, and won the unanimous praise from people in and outside the industry.

Solid wood flooring manufacturers, recommended 5. World Friends floor

It is the corporate core culture of the WorldFriends Floor with the foundation of quality and all the technological innovations of the WorldFriends Floor are based on the word quality. It can be said that the current solid wood flooring industry is the best manufacturer in terms of quality innovation. In 2011, Shiyou Floor won the National Quality Award, and it is the only solid wood flooring manufacturer in the building materials industry who has won this award. The quality of WorldFriends flooring is trustworthy. Shiyou floor repeated scientific tests for 8 years, 128 kinds of wood the most reasonable drying time, health cycle, 47 computer numerically controlled steam cycle drying kiln, 2 computer numerically controlled simulation climatic test room, 360 ° moisture content sheet inspection, constitutes World Friends of the strict moisture content control technology.

Summary: solid wood flooring due to the good feel, texture, color self-heating, good insulation and other advantages, frequently praised by consumers, but it is recommended that you choose a good reputation, good reputation wood flooring manufacturers , solid wood flooring quality more secure.

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