Shengli Oilfield implementation of pump-controlled "digital oil field"

First, information technology has promoted the level of exploration and development and has brought about benefits. The favorable situation of "331" has been formed and "three improvements" have been realized in exploration and application. First, in terms of processing capacity, the nation's second largest seismic data processing center with microcomputer cluster, IBMSP as the main computing device, workstations as auxiliary, large-capacity disk array and tape library as mass storage devices was initially established. The number of nodes reached 768, processing speed up to 5 trillion times per second. The annual processing capacity of 3-D seismic data in oilfields has exceeded 8,800 km 2, allowing pre-stack time migration of seismic data of oilfields to enter the conventional processing stage from the experimental stage, ranking the domestic advanced level. The second is to deal with the method, equipped with OMEGA and other 3 sets of the world's advanced processing software to achieve the main function of large-scale mainstream software modules simultaneously updated with the international advanced level, formed to prestack properties, multi-domain denoising, wave equation so far Advanced processing methods and self-developed STseis2.0 system wave equation parallel depth imaging software as the representative of the more complete exploration methods, to achieve a number of sets of processing systems complement each other, the processing methods have reached the international advanced level. Thirdly, the comprehensive explanation and research application system of exploration comprehensive support with server as support, workstation as main force, supplemented by high-end microcomputer and network as link has been built up, which basically meets the requirements of routine explanation, special treatment explanation and comprehensive study of contiguous data Need, ranking the domestic advanced level. Development and application of the "three to strengthen." The first step is to perfect the reservoir numerical simulation parallelism technology, and the reservoir numerical simulation computation speed reaches 120 billion times per second. The reservoir numerical simulation speed of 1.38 million grid nodes is increased to 20 times of the end of the Ninth Five-year Plan period. The remaining oil can be quantified to study and carry out detailed analysis of the non-main oil reservoirs, fully guaranteeing the overall simulation of the whole oil reservoir such as Shengtuo, etc. Second, a series of reservoir numerical simulation technologies represented by water flooding reservoirs, heavy oil thermal recovery reservoirs and tertiary oil recovery numerical simulations have been established. There are 7 kinds of 25 kinds of softwares with their own characteristics and adaptability, Oil and gas reservoir prediction needs, to achieve a comprehensive system of reservoir description technology. Third, the level of fine reservoir description has been significantly improved, basically meeting the demand for improving the precision of fine reservoir models in the late stage of oilfield development. Interpretation of Logging Data The formation of a series of technologies represented by the self-developed Integrated System for Surveying and Reserving Caps (SWAWS) has resulted in a capacity of more than 5,000 wells per annum. Exploration and development "integration" application gradually carried out. Since the Ninth Five-Year Plan, Shengli Oilfield has built eight information systems of exploration, development, oil production engineering and drilling and played an important role in improving the research and business management of each professional system. With the extension of informatization application in oilfields, in order to meet the need of information sharing and detailed management of professional systems, the oilfield is to carry out the integrated application of exploration and development, carry out the interconnection of the original systems and the construction of data centers, and establish a common standard system . On this basis, since 2004, Shengli Oilfield has started to build an enterprise-class data center of unified source, unified management, unified management and world-class level and leading domestic level. In order to enhance the construction of "digital oilfields" and achieve a high level of information sharing and Business integration lays a solid foundation. Since the Tenth Five-Year Plan ", Shengli Oilfield has increased the application of information technology and advanced management methods, increasing recoverable reserves of 21 million tons and increasing oil recovery by 2% New proven oil geological reserves of over 100 million tons for eight consecutive years to achieve balance between reserves and production, output for six consecutive years stable at 26.6 million tons or more. Second, do a good job in the "three combinations" and "digital oil field" to enhance production management level In view of the characteristics of oilfield production points, line length and broad area, Shengli Oilfield makes full use of information technology to improve production dynamics in a timely manner to grasp the rapid reaction and optimize the production process, oil field production and operation quality significantly improved.One is to grasp the information and production dynamics Grasping the combination of real-time monitoring of the production process to achieve the dynamic monitoring of oil well production parameters under 1000 meters, 100 kilometers away from the pipeline, power supply pipe network running state panoramic view, improve the production command level oil field equipped with 33 sets of drilling parameters Instrument, 49 sets of logging parameters instrument, with each of the 100 key exploration wells and special wells drillers Process parameters and key well logging parameters of automatic acquisition and transmission capabilities of 45 total of 775 km pipeline pressure and flow to achieve real-time monitoring, in the event of leakage, the system will automatically alarm, the accuracy is reduced to 500 meters , Each year to reduce stolen oil nearly 10,000 tons of losses, this year has been an emergency disposal of 72 cases of accidents.All 110 kV power supply lines to achieve the return of operating parameters, dynamic real-time monitoring of operation, intelligent fault location, parameter optimization operation, reduce the line Loss rate of 0.5 percentage points to reduce the power loss of 30 million degrees to achieve a dynamic grasp of natural gas output from the oil production plant .31 water injection stations to achieve key operational aspects of production data collection, 15 water injection stations to achieve the pipeline, motor, Pumps, storage tanks and other production parameters of the rapid monitoring, early warning and optimization.Parameters on-line monitoring, system analysis and optimization, making the parameter adjustment more reasonable, production and operation more sophisticated.Currently, the Shengli Oilfield complex relationship between the oil yield more High, far more than 1,000 wells to achieve the production parameters real-time acquisition and operation Second, we should do a good job in the combination of informationization and production control to improve the level of production safety.At present, the single-well platform for offshore crude oil production in the oil field realizes unmanned remote monitoring and control of production equipment and the realization of oil and gas Water automatic measurement, electricity, fuel and other energy consumption data automatic monitoring, pump automatic control, of which five crude oil depot to achieve automatic control of high-level chain alarm, the safe operation of the reaction to the second level; of the 51 substations were automated Transformation, so that one-third of the substation with unmanned conditions.Third, grasp the combination of information and production process optimization, improve system efficiency and construction and process design level.Use of information technology to oil-field mining, water injection , Collection and transmission system, the overall optimization, automatic monitoring through the process, equipment operation early warning and protection, the dynamic optimization of production parameters supporting applications, making the machine-mining system efficiency increased by 6.6%, water injection system efficiency increased by 13.7% Operational efficiency increased by 12.1%. In the 2800 wells using the machine well parameter optimization system, through the optimization design of pumping well production parameters, a single well Nissan increased 7.45 tons of cases, the input power decreased by 0.99 kilowatts, 100 tons of liquid consumption reduction 0.75 degree, all the implementation of the well system efficiency increased by an average of 9 percentage points; through the application of three-dimensional design of ground engineering, the design cycle shortened by 1/4, program optimization rate from 60% to 85%, saving construction investment of nearly 100 million yuan ; Through the integration of drilling engineering design system, optimization of construction parameters and drill string optimization, the drill bit is optimized, the average design period is shortened from 6 days to 2.5 days, the drilling cycle is shortened by 5.3 days on average, and the drilling cost is reduced by more than 80 million yuan per year. Through the application of seismic indoor simulation system, indoor construction parameters such as well depth, dosage, observation system and other construction parameters are optimized for the seismic construction parameters. The seismic design cycle is shortened by a quarter and the construction rate is over 80%. Third, the full integration of information technology management, oilfield operation and management of a significant increase Shengli Oilfield "Ninth Five-Year" has embarked on the establishment of a more complete professional management information system, covering all aspects of oilfield operations management, and promote more timely grasp of the information, management Efficiency is significantly improved. In recent years, the oil field has been mainly devoted to the linkage between systems. With the going-up of ERP system, the information system has been changed from "single-line application" in the past to "integrated application". The original management mode has undergone major changes and a new management system has been established Procedures, using standard and optimized processes to solve the shortcomings in the implementation of the system. As the largest ERP application in China, the ERP system (enterprise resource planning) of Shengli Oilfield was formally put into operation in 2005 and the first batch of seven modules of financial management and cost control were implemented. According to the principle of "substitution and integration", Shengli Oilfield replaces the existing application system with the existing application system and has already applied the system to the ERP system through the interface. During the operation of the project, Shengli Oilfield has overcome the difficulties such as extensive system coverage, deep application level and complex interfaces. The outstanding results have been obtained that the system turns into a short cycle of monorail operation and the success rate of each application is high. A total of 32 interfaces were developed in the oilfield, 285 existing business processes were described and cleaned up, 303 future business processes were designed and 3,504 employees were trained in the application. Up to now, the system has generated 245,000 financial vouchers, 221,000 management accounting vouchers, 6948 purchase orders and 7,923 sales orders. The contract value of goods and materials procurement reached 2.796 billion yuan, 6.95 million tons of crude oil and 90.33 million cubic meters of natural gas , Achieved sales revenue of 18.96 billion yuan, more than 330 projects have been started, with a budget of 7.2 billion yuan and a network of 3.1 billion yuan. At the same time, combined with the development and application of ERP data warehouse module, oil field leadership information inquiry system and ERP system are put online synchronously, and the information development is gradually deepened. The ERP system realizes the "third-rate integration" of enterprise logistics, capital flow and information flow. The oilfield management business standard is transparent, the accounting is more refined, and the decision center is moved upward. Accounting changes from accounting to supervision, management and control. The cost accounting has been refined to four levels. The cost information has achieved dynamic and transparent inquiry. The financial management has changed from two accounting levels in the past to multiple accounting sets Account, a accounting. Material supply management has done the point of material consumption tracking, analysis, from the past two-tier library, two-level procurement, planning into a first-class inventory, distribution distribution, weighted end of the month to achieve the material online submission, online approval, Online procurement, to eliminate the net procurement, to achieve the sun procurement, reducing the size of the stock, shortening the cycle of capital flows. The project management runs in strict accordance with the plan of the joint-stock company, putting an end to the unplanned phenomenon, establishing a standard process and implementing the rigid management and control of the entire process online, and the financial investment in the over-planned investment will not be posted. Sales Management Through order management, inventory management and sales inventory management, the sales process has been standardized and linked with financial management. In order to establish a full linkage of various management operations in the oilfield and form a "big management" pattern of unified management, unified control and unified decision-making, Shengli Oilfield has established a production and operation supervision system in combination with the need of the group company to fully implement the internal control system. In the gradual realization of the limited company management business and ERP system to achieve docking at the same time, the ERP system offline business integration, linkage. The system analyzed 74 business processes of 32 departments in the oilfield, optimized and designed 45 standard business processes. system