Self-priming non-clogging sewage pump model meaning

With the self-priming non-clogging sewage pump in our industrial production frequency is higher and higher, people are self-priming non-clogging sewage pump more and more, which includes the various parameters Data inspection. From the user's point of view, people want to understand self-priming non-clogged sewage pump, often from its working principle or characteristics of the beginning, but from the practical work, self-priming non-clogging sewage pump model meaning is the user needs attention the key of. Self-priming non-clogging sewage pump model meaning For example: 50ZW15-30PB 50- import diameter (mm); ZW- self-priming clogging sewage pump; 15- rated flow (m3 / h); 30- rated head (m); P - Stainless steel (no standard is cast iron pump; self-priming non-clogging sewage pump set self-priming and non-clogging sewage in one, the axial backflow external mixing, and through the pump body, impeller runner unique design, you can Generally self-priming clear water pump does not need to be installed at the end of the valve and irrigation water, but also suction row containing large solid particles and long fiber impurities liquid can be widely used in municipal sewage projects, pond culture, light industry, papermaking, textiles, food, Chemical industry, electricity, fiber, slurry and mixed suspension of the most ideal chemical medium impurities pump ZW-type sewage pump self-priming compared with similar products in China, with a simple structure, self-priming performance, sewage capacity, energy efficient, The use of easy maintenance and so on. This article belongs to the Industrial Internet (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. All are welcome to reprint, please indicate the author and source Responsible editor: Coco (QQ / WeChat:) The first Asian pump network: http: // beng .l (Service Hotline:)

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