Replace the lock should choose a formal and guaranteed way!

In addition to a good environment, the security of the community requires a lock with a very good anti-theft performance on the sturdy security door of the household. The reporter visited 10 households in individual communities and found that only 4 households had a higher level of door lock security. Then, if the lock has a safety hazard, where can I switch to a safety lock?


Many residents do not know if the locks in their homes are safe.

"My security door looks very solid. There has never been a theft. The door lock should be safer." Yesterday, in the interview, many community owners have this view. However, the lock professional identified the owner's key and so on, and found many security doors that looked very solid. In fact, the anti-theft performance was not as good as expected. During the visit to a total of 10 homeowners in multiple communities, professionals found that only 4 of these locks were locked with C-level locks. Such locks can effectively prevent various technical unlocking incidents. In another household, the locks in the households are Grade B. Such locks were originally safer, but now technical unlocking can also open such locks, and there are certain safety hazards. There are also 2 households whose locks are Class A. Such locks have the worst safety performance and use technical unlocking, which takes only a few seconds to open.

Replace the locks and avoid "sickness and medical treatment"

If you find that the locks in your home are inferior and need to be replaced in time, it is especially important to choose a reliable lock-up company. During the visit, the reporter found that many residential walls, security doors, corridors, etc., can see the "door to provide lock-up" advertising or "wild advertising." These lock companies also claimed in the advertisements that they were registered in the industrial and commercial sector and designated by the public security department.

In this regard, insiders in the lock industry said that all unlocking companies need to register with the industrial and commercial departments, and the unlocking business needs to go to the public security organs for the record. If an unlocking company can't do both of these things, there are definitely security risks.

Recommended through formal

Guaranteed way to change locks

Every summer, it is often the high incidence of technical unlocking and burglary. The cases detected by the public security organs show that both old and high-end new communities, as well as companies, warehouses, and basements, may become targets for criminals.

Therefore, professionals recommend replacing the door lock with a higher safety level. It is best to choose a reliable and guaranteed way to change the lock.

Reporter Wang Tao Intern Bai Kang He Yuejiao

Send security locks on-site service hot in progress

In the past few days, many people have called the hotline of this newspaper to ask where they can buy safe locks. In order to solve the worries of the readers, this newspaper has specially contacted Baoding Shield, a company specializing in the production of super C-class locks, eliminating all middlemen and ensuring that the “Defense Shield” super C-class lock cylinders are genuine and reliable in the quality of the lock cylinder. At the same time, the after-sales service is guaranteed to be perfect, and the profit will be minimized, so that the public can be more thoughtful and practical. In order to give back to readers of this newspaper, we provide a door-to-door lock-up service.

Editor in charge: Li Hui

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