Renovation price list for a deeper understanding of the decoration offer

Buying a house is a major event in life for most people. Among them, the home furnishing offer has always been the focus of the majority of owners. Maybe consumers have had such confusion: in the same home improvement market, almost the same decoration package, the difference is very large. The decoration project cost is a strange science for the vast majority of the family, they often do not know how to choose: is the more expensive the better? Or cheap benefits? What is the basis of the renovation offer when the new house decoration, Decoration offer is not true? In order to allow owners to understand the decoration price list , first of all is a complete renovation budget, not only to the content of detailed, accurate and standardized terms, can not be missing, missing items, can not be blurred, decoration offer Some will also reflect the project's prices, materials and processes. Here I have compiled a list of decoration prices for everyone's reference!

Decoration price list - item classification

One: Including the project, the decoration budget includes three major blocks: main material, auxiliary material and labor cost. It is necessary to see whether each material is marked on the decoration budget table.

II: The material shows that this is a common method used by decoration companies to defraud the owners. Especially in the previous years, the materials used in the budget table will be indicated, but the materials brands, specifications, etc. will not be indicated. The actual application will be shoddy. Which earned material spreads.

III: The construction process, most of the owners suffer from this, although the decoration company describes the construction materials and prices, but do not explain the construction process, which is a common method of decoration companies, many decoration companies use the decoration budget table is missing, the construction does not according to industry specifications , cut corners, shirk once problems arise.

Four: labor costs, this item is easily overlooked, because the owner does not think it is important, in fact, it must have, it involves settlement issues, such as: where problems and additions, which will help quality, but also test the quality of construction.

V: Payment problems, 30% prepayment for the construction, 35% for the medium term, 30% for the medium term, 30% for the latter period, and 5% of the final amount. It should be noted that the advance payment should not be much. The money is the guarantee of quality and progress. Before each payment, it is necessary to determine whether the project is qualified. , Generally found in the decoration 3 months after the problem in order to return, in addition to payment matters specified in the decoration contract.

Decoration Price List - Details Notes

First, the quotation is not a simple assessment of the total price

Owners may encounter such a situation, A company's offer is 100,000 yuan, B company quoted 80,000 yuan, is it right? Should choose B company? Not necessarily! Different companies offer quotations, may use materials and Different construction processes may even increase Company A's construction projects. Therefore, it is not possible to assess the quality of the decoration company by quotation, but to compare it carefully.

Before reviewing the quotation, the design plan should be reviewed first. A set of accurate house design drawings is the basis for the quotation, because the quotation is based on the specific area, length dimensions, materials used and processes, drawings are inaccurate, and the budget is not accurate.

Second, compare the design drawings to see the construction project

The decoration quotation is calculated according to the drawing. The design drawing is the overall planning of the house. After the drawing comes out, the corresponding quotation can be made. Therefore, when reviewing quotes, look at the drawings. According to the design drawings, it can be clearly seen whether the project has added items or missed items. Check the project carefully, because the project that was dropped is indispensable, so it will inevitably lead to overspending.

Third, the control drawings accounting area

In addition, the quantity and construction area of ​​the quotation must be checked against the drawings. The data on the decoration offer should be consistent with the design drawings. As shown in the figure, the area is 60 square meters, and the quotation is 65 square meters. The fitting project with a high unit price of error will often have a difference of a thousand dollars.

Fourth, see the material and construction process description

The finer the decoration offer, the better. Shows the decoration company's attitude, but also easy for owners to understand. In a quotation description column, the decoration company should list the brand, model, and construction process of the material. It can be said that the most important thing in the quotation is not the price, but the material and construction process used.

Fifth, view the quotation unit of measure

Note the unit of measure in the quote, which will affect the final quote. For example: TV cabinets, some companies use meters, and some use square meters, this time to pay attention to: furniture calculated by the square meters, no matter how high and wide, are calculated according to the unit price of square meters X, the home calculated with meters has a high limit .

Sixth, special projects special offer

During the construction process, it is inevitable that there will be special circumstances or special decoration requirements. This fee cannot be expressed on the quotation, and it is proposed at the time of construction on site. Therefore, quotations and actual differences are also normal. It should be noted that the gap must be controlled within a certain range and not too large.

Editor's summary: The above is the relevant information of the decoration price list, let you further understand the related knowledge of decoration quotes, and hope to help friends who have such needs! For more information, please continue to pay attention to us Website, follow-up will present more exciting content!

Decoration Price List

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