Redesigning and playing with custom-made panel furniture "noble noble" step up to find the way

Even with the shrinking market, panel furniture with simple shapes, stable performance and high cost performance has always been a popular form of furniture on the market. Under the pressure of current high cost investment and low selling price, the industry has no doubts about the future consumer demand represented by panel furniture, and will seek changes through various means such as product development, brand promotion and model change.

Since its rise ten years ago, panel furniture has been the most popular form of furniture on the market, and many brands are well known to ordinary consumers. Liu Aihua, marketing director of Elvis Furniture, said that the simple and smooth shape of the panel furniture is very suitable for use in small units with limited space. Coupled with the advantages of stable performance, easy assembly and good handling, it is always favored by young consumers.

According to reporters, ordinary working-class workers and consumers in third- and fourth-tier cities need furniture with practical functions and reasonable prices, rather than so-called expensive wood and artistic value, so the demand for panel furniture is also particularly large. Hu Lan, general manager of Shangpin Home Furnishing Beijing, also pointed out that many middle-income home buyers in first-tier cities, especially white-collar workers with good education, have a certain pursuit of life, and value the cost-effectiveness of furniture products. Brand panel furniture consumes this part The crowd also has high appeal.

However, industry insiders also said that the long-term homogenization of the panel furniture market category also has a certain impact on the consumer demand for panel furniture. Especially in Beijing's furniture market, because it is often associated with the words "formaldehyde exceeds standard", "simple style", "cheap", etc., some consumers are deeply entrenched in thinking that solid wood furniture is better than panel furniture, so from the design, product Starting with innovation has become an important way for many panel furniture to enhance the vitality of the brand.

Customized product market demand highlights

At present, the demand for custom-made panel furniture is highlighted. Custom-made panel furniture can not only make a reasonable plan for the space, but also allow users to participate in product design services, which is favored by consumers.

Ke Jiansheng, general manager of Sofia Custom Wardrobe believes that the customization of panel furniture involves many personalized services, and the fine and more detailed supply chain makes it an effective complement to traditional panel furniture, accounting for about 10% of the entire furniture market. The room for development is huge.

Multi-element products expand the market

Lin Gaobao, chairman of Green Island Furniture, also said that the current furniture products have entered the wooden furniture market from panel furniture. In addition to the combination of board and wood furniture, non-wood materials such as plastic and metal also make the board furniture more design. The market for panel furniture such as steel-wood combination and rattan-wood combination is further subdivided.

The cladding technology of panel furniture is also more diverse, imitating logs, antique textures and metallic luster finishes, providing more treatment methods for some high-quality furniture.

Insiders look at the market-

Increase selling points and increase profit items of panel furniture

Zhu Guangyu, Deputy General Manager of Peugeot Furniture

With the rise of various costs such as factories, materials, labor, store rent, marketing expenses, etc., the profit of panel furniture gradually shows single digits. Beijing's panel furniture market has taken the lead in the "home appliance" industry in the home furnishing industry. In the future, the way out of panel furniture should be improved by looking for some selling points from existing panel furniture to increase corporate profits.

Next, we will devote some of our energy to making relatively high-end plate products, incorporating new materials and processes. In addition, ordinary panel furniture has huge consumer demand. Although this benefit is very hard to earn, companies have social responsibilities to do this part of the business.

Independent marketing system guarantees profits

Chen Tao, Vice President of Yitong International Home Furnishings: Panel furniture is the basic level of the entire furniture consumption, accounting for more than 50% of the furniture, and there will continue to rise in the future.

The thin and thick profit of panel furniture has an inevitable connection with the sales and operation mode of the enterprise. Some manufacturers believe that the profit of panel furniture is low, spend a lot of money to establish channels, the input-output ratio is too small, and the cost recovery time is too long. Therefore, panel furniture manufacturers rarely have a complete independent marketing system, and most of the sales channels adopt the franchise or agency model. After the establishment of an independent marketing system, companies can save on channel construction costs when they shop, and on the one hand, the saved costs can be given back to consumers, and on the other hand, they can become our profit growth point.

Panel furniture is still the direction

Chen Baoguang, Vice Chairman of China Furniture Association: At present, panel furniture represents the future development direction of Chinese furniture. At the International Furniture Fair, it was seen that the panel furniture produced abroad is fashionable in design and environmentally friendly, which is in line with the current development trend. In the Chinese market, panel furniture represents the needs of consumers, and there is no need to blindly switch to expensive high-end because of channel costs.

Design is the bottleneck

Chen Xiaotai, President of Top 100 Furniture: I never think that the panel furniture market has shrunk. Design-based Italian furniture companies have experienced so many years of development that panel furniture has always accounted for more than 60%, which is actually better than solid wood and classic furniture. Nowadays, some enterprises are transforming into solid wood furniture, European and American furniture, but only to expand different markets. Our fundamental design improvement is the bottleneck of Chinese panel furniture.

Original design will become mainstream

Hu Fangxu, Chairman of Maige Furniture: Panel furniture is currently undergoing reshuffle. Brands and products that focus on original design will become mainstream. The industry should change the thinking of the manufacturing industry, step out of the era where it only talks about practicality, and more about design. Although original designs are risky, once the unique design features of the brand are formed, they are out of the shackles of price competition.

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