Pre-tightening force test of connecting bolts in reducer

In the pre-tightening force test of the connecting bolt in the reducer, set the torque to 760 Nm (too heavy approval), manually pull the torque wrench at the farthest end of the wrench, and force the torque wrench to hear the first sound. When the sound is ,, the wrench bolt cap does not rotate, normal. The inspection results show that all three bolts are in compliance with the requirements.

Remove the bolt nut at the lower part of the connecting plate and pull the bolt by hand to check if it is easy to pull out; check the bolt hole and check if the bolt hole is misaligned. The axial bushing of the coupling inner gear sleeve is considered to be caused by the axial force.

One of the reasons for the generation and increase of the axial force is that the coupling between the first and second reduction gears is a drum type tooth coupling, and the drum type gear coupling bushing is allowed in the axial direction. A certain amount of turbulence to weaken the small axial force caused by the slight deviation of the horizontal or axial direction. Therefore, when the reducer is running, the sleeve will be axially connected to the shaft under the action of centrifugal force and small axial force. Inciting.

The second reason is that the impact and vibration generated by the main lifting during starting and stopping may increase the deviation and increase the axial force.

The main ways in which the deviation of the connecting shaft of the primary and secondary reduction gears are designed, manufactured, transported and installed. The primary reducer is a synchronous reducer, and the center distance of the two output shafts cannot be adjusted. The secondary reducer is designed as a reducer with three fixed points. The horizontal direction of the reducer cannot be adjusted and the installation error cannot be eliminated. Adding an inspection platform to facilitate inspection and maintenance personnel to ensure that equipment can be maintained in time. Weld the baffle at both ends of the coupling to prevent the coupling casing from over-moving and dislocating.

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