Plastic products companies open up the Korean market and welcome a bright start

[Jiuzhi Plastics News] On January 1, the China-South Korea Free Trade Agreement ushered in the second round of tax reductions, and tariffs were further reduced. In the first month of 2016, Zhejiang Yiwu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued a total of 708 preferential certificates of origin for the China-South Korea Free Trade Zone, with a value of 13.32 million US dollars. The main visa products are clothing, bags, plastic products , baby carriages and toys, etc., which can reduce the tariffs for enterprises by about 3,551,100 US dollars.
In order to enable more enterprises in the jurisdiction to enjoy the preferential policies of the free trade zone, Yiwu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau takes the initiative to use the preferential certificate of origin certificate to serve the enterprise. Through door-to-door visits, we will develop a personalized service plan for enterprises, and provide guidance on how to reduce the tariff reduction and ex-original standards of enterprise products under their respective trade agreements, encourage enterprises to increase preferential policies for free trade zones, and adjust export products in a timely manner. Structure, make greater use of the free trade agreement policy dividends; and provide consulting services through QQ, WeChat, business mailbox and other platforms; freely issue free trade zone brochures to enterprises, encourage enterprises to apply for relevant preferential certificate of origin in time, make full use of the original The tariff concessions available for the certificate of origin are used as bargaining chips for foreign trade negotiations to increase export prices. At the same time, the application materials are rationally simplified, the threshold for enterprise filing is lowered, paperless visas, electronic filing, visa integration, non-sensitive products are exempted from on-site investigations, etc. Convenience measures enable enterprises to fully enjoy the “national dividends” brought about by the free trade policy, such as lowering tariffs and facilitating customs clearance, and effectively improving the international competitiveness of export products.
According to statistics, since the entry into force of the China-South Korea FTA, the company has applied for 121 copies of the certificate of origin of the China-South Korea Free Trade Zone, with a value of 895,500 US dollars, and can enjoy a tariff reduction of about 45,000 US dollars. The person in charge of Yiwu First Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. said: "The preferential certificate of origin of the China-South Korea Free Trade Zone has helped us win more Korean orders. I will have more confidence in developing products in the Korean market in the future!"

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