Plastic modified masterbatch new product overview

1 Introduction
The plastic modified masterbatch is a blending, filling, modifying and reinforcing of plastics by physical or chemical processes to meet certain requirements of plastic products. Plastics can be processed into new plastic modified materials with special properties under the advanced production process conditions by adding inorganic materials, organic materials, optical materials, metal materials and other raw materials with different properties to improve the performance of plastic products. It is the most dynamic and hot new industry in the plastics industry, which reduces production costs, saves resources, improves production efficiency, improves working conditions, is conducive to environmental protection, energy saving, and consumption reduction.
This paper comprehensively sorts out the relevant information of new products of plastic modified masterbatch, and gives a brief overview for peer reference.
2 Introduction of new modified masterbatch products
2.1 Toughening and cold resistant masterbatch
Toughened and cold-resistant masterbatch is a polymer-based olefin polymer, which has excellent fluidity, can effectively improve the impact resistance and low temperature resistance of polyolefin, and has high load carrying capacity. It is widely used in manufacturing. High performance low temperature toughening products. Such as: PP sheet, PP sheet, film, CPP film, PP toolbox, PP car bumper, blow molding bottle, PE composite film, storage box, low temperature container box, turnover box and so on.
2.2 flavor masterbatch
The flavor masterbatch can be used for toys (plastic toys, pet toys, plush toys), sachets, industrial products, daily necessities, stationery, automotive interior parts, and packaging for health, beauty and cosmetics. The scented masterbatch has various scent, such as fresh floral fragrance, sweet fruit scent, etc., which are used in plastic products, and the fragrant effect can reach 1 to 2 years. It also eliminates the odor of recycled materials or certain additives.
2.3 photosensitive color masterbatch
In the use of the product, the color of the plastic product changes with the change of the indoor illumination light, especially when the intensity of the product is changed by the ultraviolet light.
2.4 temperature-sensitive color masterbatch
Reversible thermochromic pigments are a new generation of functional colorants. It is characterized by the ability to rapidly change color as the ambient temperature changes, so that the colored object has a dynamically changing color effect.
2.5 night light masterbatch
The luminescent masterbatch is a self-luminous plastic masterbatch that is processed from self-illuminating materials and luminescent pigments. The product has a self-illuminating function and also has a high artistic appreciation value. After absorbing and storing various visible light for 10-30 minutes, it can sustain light for more than 12 hours. The product is non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive and can be used repeatedly indefinitely. Can be applied to consumer goods, such as: signs, crafts, clothing, shoes and hats, stationery, watches, fishing gear and sports equipment, architectural decoration, etc.; can also be used for transportation, military facilities, marine equipment, fire emergency systems, such as: traffic Signs, directions, nautical signs, etc.
2.6 antistatic masterbatch
Super concentrated antistatic masterbatch contains non-ionic antistatic agent, suitable for film, flat wire, round wire, sheet, plate, pipe, engineering mesh belt and injection molding of PE, PP, PS, PA, ABS and other polymers. Various parts and other products.
2.7 anti-UV masterbatch
The product is mainly used to improve the anti-ultraviolet radiation capability of plastic products, effectively reduce the molecular structure cracking damage of the resin by ultraviolet rays, and prolong the outdoor service life of the plastic products. For areas with high altitudes and strong UV radiation, there are mainly the following types of products:
PE agricultural film anti-UV masterbatch
PP anti-UV masterbatch
ABS anti-UV masterbatch
HIPS anti-UV masterbatch
2.8 anti-aging masterbatch
Anti-aging masterbatch is mainly used in agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and other PE, PP film sheet and construction safety net, auto parts, outdoor advertising board and other products. It can obviously improve the anti-aging performance of plastic products in the natural environment, reduce the degradation of plastics, improve the weather resistance and aging resistance of plastic products, and prolong the service life of plastic products.
2.9 cooling masterbatch
The cooling masterbatch can adjust the molecular weight and molecular weight distribution of the polypropylene, and in the polypropylene spinning process, the processing temperature is lowered from 30 ° C to 90 ° C to improve the spinnability of the polypropylene and the working environment of the worker. Adding proper amount of cooling masterbatch in injection molding products, large hollow products and thin-walled products can adjust the polypropylene melt flow rate, reduce the product rejection rate, shorten the production cycle, improve the production efficiency, and effectively improve the appearance of plastic products.
2.10 Environmentally friendly biodegradable masterbatch
Environmentally friendly biodegradable masterbatch can be used to produce biodegradable packaging film, packaging bags, biodegradable sheets, plates, secondary processing into lunch boxes, tofu boxes, tray boxes, biodegradable blow molded products (bottles), biodegradation Injection molded products (knives and forks, toys, golf tees, skeins, combs, soap boxes, etc.), biodegradable molded products (such as combs, soap boxes, soles), foaming products, etc. The masterbatch is non-toxic, has no peculiar smell, is non-corrosive, harmless to the human body, can be naturally absorbed in the environment, and reduces the pollution of plastic products to the natural environment.
2.11 efficient defoaming masterbatch
High-efficiency defoaming masterbatch eliminates moisture from PE and PP recycled resins. After the product is evenly mixed with the raw materials, it is possible to eliminate problems such as bubbles, water marks, cracks, spots, and depressions caused by moisture, and improve the appearance and physical properties of the plastic products without any adjustment to the production process.
2.12 nanometer toughening and strengthening masterbatch
Nano-toughening and strengthening masterbatch can significantly improve the impact strength, toughness, elongation, aging resistance, flexural resistance and resistance to UV and thermal oxidation of plastic products. It can increase the strength of polypropylene by more than 2 times, and can be used in place of nylon-6 in some fields. It is a very ideal new toughening and strengthening material.
2.13 matt masterbatch
The product has obvious matting effect, and has good matting effect in PP blown film, PP cast film, CPP cast film, PE film and other products, and is also suitable for the matting effect of ABS, PVC and other products.
2.14 open masterbatch
The product can reduce the adsorption between the films, prevent the film from sticking, and facilitate the film unwinding, and the finished bag has good opening property.
2.15 smooth slip masterbatch
The product can reduce the friction and adsorption between the films, and is favorable for film unwinding, and the finished bag has good opening and slipperiness. It is used for injection molded parts with good release properties and is not easy to adhere to the mold.
2.16 viscosifying masterbatch
It is mainly used as an additive to increase the surface adhesion of plastic films. It is commonly used in the production of stretch film, cling film and protective film.
2.17 anti-skid masterbatch
It is mainly used as an additive to increase the friction and resistance between the surfaces of plastic products. It is commonly used in the production of various packaging bags and other products, increasing the stacking height and stability of plastic packaging bags, and preventing the packaging bags, woven bags and plastic packaging materials. The code slips.
2.18 lubricating masterbatch
Lubricating masterbatch is a processing aid for improving PP, PE blown film, blow molded products and extruded sheets, smoothness of tubes, brightness, elimination of snakeskin, and reduction of water ripple.
2.19 new modified masterbatch of polypropylene
The new modified masterbatch of polypropylene is based on changing the crystallization properties of polypropylene, which improves the process characteristics and material properties of polypropylene. The crystallization properties of the polypropylene are changed from the original large diameter crystal to the microcrystalline crystal. The cooling time of the PP injection molded part in the mold can be shortened by 20-30%; the surface shrinkage dent of the injection molded part at the reinforcing rib and the screw column position is improved, and the surface smoothness of the injection molded part is improved.
2.20 new conductive functional masterbatch
The new conductive functional masterbatch adopts new manufacturing process and special processing equipment. It is made of ultra-fine metal material and coated by surface. It not only has good electrical conductivity, but also resists acid, alkali and gas corrosion. It is wire and carbon. An ideal alternative to black. This product is non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, with high safety and good dispersion.
2.21 pearl masterbatch
The pigment used in the pearlescent masterbatch is a new type of pigment that reproduces the elegant luster and color of natural pearls, shells, butterflies, fish and metals. It creates refraction, reflection, and transmission of light to create hue and luster. It has the advantages of no toxicity, high temperature resistance, light resistance, acid resistance, no color change, no migration, no conductivity. Different particle sizes can meet different needs, the small particle size is satin-like soft gloss, and the large particle size is glittering and lustrous.
Pearlescent masterbatch can be used in extrusion, injection molding, blow molding, calendering and other processes to produce cosmetic containers, films, food containers, industrial packaging containers, daily necessities, buttons, toys, flooring, auto parts, sandals, rubber, sheets, plates , stationery and other products.
2.22 flame retardant masterbatch
As people's requirements for plastic products continue to increase, the application range of flame retardant masterbatch is also expanding. Flame retardant masterbatch is one of the new hot products of the plastics industry in the future. Due to the variety of flame retardant masterbatch, it is not introduced here.
2.23 glass fiber reinforced polypropylene special material
Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene special materials can be widely used in home appliances, automobiles, machinery, rolling, hollow containers, chemical packaging containers and other products, while reducing the production cost of raw materials, can improve the impact strength, flexural modulus, high load of plastic products. The bearing capacity, the shrinkage and the flexibility of the product are the products of the alternative engineering plastics which are currently popularized and applied.
2.24ABS special masterbatch
ABS is a plastic with a wide range of applications and excellent performance. Due to the rising price of ABS, the economic benefits chain has affected manufacturers of plastic products. The modified plastics industry has explored and researched low-cost filler masterbatches for ABS and other products over the years, and has made breakthroughs. Beijing Huaao Shunda Technology Co., Ltd. He Shunlun High-tech ABS special masterbatch, adding 10% to 30% in ABS, can replace ABS resin, reduce production costs, and the economic benefits are very impressive.
2.25 high performance engineering plastic moisture absorbent
The high-performance engineering plastic moisture absorber is the latest type of moisture absorbent developed for engineering plastics with large moisture, easy moisture absorption, complicated drying process before use, high energy consumption and affecting production efficiency. This product is blended with engineering plastics (such as PA, PC, PET, ABS, etc.) and can be used directly to solve the problem of drying and dehumidification of engineering plastics. It is a new type with convenient use, low cost, energy saving, and improved production efficiency. Modified material.
2.26 high performance magnetic shielding special material
High-performance magnetic shielding special materials, using high-performance magnetic shielding materials, adding different additives and resins, the products can effectively block or reduce the magnetic radiation generated by computers, computers, nuclear magnetic instruments and mobile phones to the human body, and improve the magnetic radiation of human body protection. efficacy. High-performance magnetic shielding special materials can be used to produce films, sheets, plates, auricle parts, injection molded products, etc., with broad market application prospects and high economic value.
2.27 large PE pipe increased raw masterbatch
The product adopts sheet-like inorganic rigid particles as reinforcing and strengthening materials, and can be widely used in various large-diameter pipes such as double-wall corrugated pipes, single-wall corrugated pipes and winding pipes. While reducing the production cost of the product, the ring stiffness of the large PE pipe can be effectively improved.
2.28 high light transmission modified masterbatch
The product uses inorganic materials, can improve the physical properties of plastic products, reduce production costs, can maintain the light transmission effect of plastic products, is an ideal new modified masterbatch.
2.29 wollastonite reinforcing masterbatch
Wollastonite is an acicular inorganic modified material with excellent aspect ratio. It uses a high aspect ratio wollastonite to produce a reinforcing masterbatch, which can improve the impact strength, breaking strength and elastic modulus of plastic products. The product is off-white and has some effect on transparency and whiteness in clear or white products.
2.30 Washed soft kaolin reinforcing masterbatch
After decades of exploration and research, Chang Jiqing Gaogong has successfully developed a new type of washed soft natural kaolin. This product has been subjected to a new low-temperature calcination process to solve the problem of high hardness (7-8) of coal-based calcined hard kaolin. Serious problem. It has high whiteness, good physical properties, good light transmission (light transmittance is higher than talc, calcium carbonate), good chemical stability and good UV conversion. Can be widely used in plastic agricultural film, transparent sheet, wire and cable, electrical parts and other products.
3 Conclusion
The plastics industry is an emerging sunrise industry, and plastic modified masterbatch is the fastest growing new industry in the plastics industry. Plastic modified masterbatch involves a wide range, many varieties, rapid changes in market demand, and new products developed by manufacturers are also emerging. The above describes the new modified masterbatch products that are widely used in China. It is hoped that the modified masterbatch production enterprises will increase their technological innovation capabilities, develop and produce more and better new products that meet the needs of the market, meet the requirements of customers, and improve economic, ecological and social benefits for the development of China's plastics industry. Deserved contribution!

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