Pay attention to these five points! 50% reduction in waste in plastic coloring granulation production

A problem that is more likely to occur during plastic granulation. Depending on the original formulation, chromatic aberration occurs from time to time. Many people are surprised that the same formula was qualified before, but this time it was unqualified, even very different; or running in the production process, it went off, so the inevitable downtime, check Problem, re-adjust the recipe and then turn it on again.

If you are not lucky, it is estimated that you will be on this one night or a few days, and "the particles are not collected." So, today we will talk about several reasons for the chromatic aberration in the granulation process.

The color master directly produces granulation without serious color test.

This is what Xiaobian really experienced. At that time, in order to reduce environmental pollution and reduce the cleaning time, the company decided to replace the toner with masterbatch and perform nylon modified granulation. The replaced high-density color masterbatch has been tested in foreign R&D departments and the test results are qualified.

Therefore, in the production process, according to the formula of the original toner ratio, the proportion is determined according to the content of the masterbatch toner, so that the production is carried out on the production line. The result was rather painful. After dozens of power-on test shutdowns, several tons of unqualified products were produced, which still differed greatly from the standard samples. Finally, I have to give up.

Therefore, it is recommended to use a high concentration of color masterbatch instead of toner granulation. If you are not 100% confident, please test it on the test line first. After the test line is qualified, it will be produced on the production line. Sometimes the test line is qualified, the production line is not necessarily qualified, and it needs to be re-allocated. Therefore, careful color test is a more effective method to reduce production costs and reduce waste.

There is a problem with the matching of color masterbatch and resin

Because the carrier of the masterbatch is not properly selected, or the manufacturer arbitrarily changes the variety of the resin. Different grades of resin will have different density and melt index, so the properties of the resin will be different, and the compatibility with the masterbatch will be different, so that color change occurs. Generally speaking, as long as the density and melt index are not different. Large, then the difference in color will not be too large, you can correct the color by adjusting the amount of color masterbatch.

Inaccurate measurement when used, color masterbatch, too much or too little pigment

Weighing balance

Toner heat resistance

Due to improper machine temperature, especially high, the color master stays in the machine for too long, causing the toner to burn out, resulting in a difference in color. Generally, the heat resistance of inorganic pigments is relatively good, which basically satisfies the requirements of plastic processing, and the heat resistance of organic pigments is relatively poor. Generally, the higher the temperature, the shorter the heat resistance time.

Therefore, when the machine temperature is too high, the color masterbatch or toner stays in the machine for too long, causing the toner to be burned, resulting in chromatic aberration.

Production process impact

1. Drying link

ABS, Pa, PC and other raw materials need to be dried before the color matching, and the baking time is too long, the baking temperature is too high, the raw material base color will be yellow or discolored to cause color difference.

2. Mixing link

In the mixing process, the material tank is not washed, it will be mixed with other colors to produce chromatic aberration; if the mixing time is not enough, it will be mixed with other colors to produce chromatic aberration; if the mixing time is insufficient or too much material will cause uneven mixing, chromatic aberration will also occur. .

3. Feeding link

Refueling production must be cleaned and the production is continued after drying.

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