Overcome and solve the problem of window sash

The deformation of the installation window frame of the window frame is also one of the reasons that affect the sinking of the flat fan. Especially when the outer wall is installed for the porcelain decorative window, the outer side of the window frame is generally installed by the ceramic plate, and there is no (or very little) cement mortar. The sash is embedded; in addition, most of the installation adopts the installation of iron pieces, and the lateral position is fixed by oblique pull. For the window frame which is fixed by this way, the hinge is installed against the wall, and the sash is used due to the centrifugal force. The window frame is easily deformed or pulled out of the wall. In order to ensure the horizontal and vertical stability of the window frame, the author suggests that when installing the casement window frame in the opening direction, it should generally be fixed directly to the wall by the expansion bolts in the middle of the side of the window frame, thereby strengthening the hinge part. strength.

The hinges are hinged, split, saddle and corner hinges. Due to the bearing capacity and material, the price difference is also very large. However, due to the characteristics of plastic sashes that are “easy to deform” and “weak steel”, in order to ensure long-term use quality, I recommend using saddle-type or corner hinges because these two hinges can be used in the window frame and sash cavity. The reinforced steel lining joint is tighter and firmer, thereby increasing the mechanical properties of the window and avoiding the sinking of the sash due to the quality problems of the hinge itself.

Regardless of the size of the sash, the hinge of the sash is finally transferred to the hinge after opening. According to the mechanical analysis, the upper and lower welding ends are the force points, one is called the heavy fulcrum, and the other is called the fixed point fulcrum. In theory, we ideally install the hinge here. However, the welded part is precisely the most vulnerable part of the quality, and is not allowed to be affected by the external force. The steel lining here is not continuous, and the installation and fixing of the hardware cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when we require the hinge to be installed: the lower edge of the lower hinge is flush with the inner edge of the lower frame of the sash, and the upper edge of the upper hinge is flush with the inner edge of the horizontal frame of the sash. This not only minimizes the amount of deformation, but also ensures the connection of the hinge to the steel lining. At the same time, in order to effectively eliminate the sinking deformation caused by system error, the hinge part should be slightly more than the opening edge, the upper side overlap is slightly more than the lower side (usually 2mm more); the upper hinge and The lower hinge should not be on the same vertical line, the upper hinge should be backed (2mm ~ 3mm according to the height of the sash); the third or fourth hinge should be too large or too heavy for the sash.

It is well known that the opposite sides of the quadrilateral are less stable and are prone to displacement. Due to the gravitational pull of the earth, there is always a vertical downward trend in the sash and the glass. Through the diagonal lining of the glass, this downward force is transferred to the frame through the lining fulcrum, that is, the lower corner of the hinge position and its diagonal, four lining points, just to solve the transfer problem of this force The problem of sinking after padding is easily overcome.

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