Over the years: mahogany furniture maintenance small reference

The Spring Festival of the Year of the Horse is coming. Many netizens are on their way home, and they must reunite with their families. During the Spring Festival, it is inevitable to visit relatives and friends and family gatherings, but when you enjoy the joy of the festival, have you considered the "feeling" of furniture, especially the precious mahogany furniture of Jingui is more critical of the festival days! The picture shows the 4.2m large round table at the Royal Palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Today, I will talk about the small details of the maintenance of mahogany furniture during the festival, so that everyone can easily spend the New Year! The picture shows the Royal Palace Ming and Qing Dynasties mahogany furniture hall eight treasure dining table 1, mahogany furniture placement and decoration before the Spring Festival, many families in order to add a festive atmosphere to the home, deliberately change the layout of the furniture, or buy a small decoration with a taste , decorate the festive atmosphere at home. When we arrange mahogany furniture, we need to pay attention to the following questions: First, mahogany furniture should be coordinated with the background and lighting of the living room. When the main color of our home is heavy, our furniture is as easy as possible. Of course, the color of the furniture can't be changed at once. Then we should work hard on the soft assembly, such as changing the bag or cushion, with a light color to match the weight. The background walls are reconciled with each other; on the contrary, if the walls and lighting are more natural, the soft assembly of the furniture can be relatively thick; secondly, if the floor in the home is marble or tile, it will look cold in winter, so warm The mahogany furniture can make up for this convenience. In addition, in order to make the mahogany with too high hardness appear soft, it is generally recommended to lay the carpet on the floor. Tips: The red board surface is generally brittle. When moving, pay attention to prevent bumps and cracks. If it is used or moved, it is found that there is dislocation at the force. It must be re-glued and sealed before use. Don't put it near the heating in winter, and avoid the indoor temperature is too high. It is generally better to wear a sweater indoors. 2, be careful of alcohol dripping on mahogany furniture. Although in daily life, mahogany table often "contributes" its own function, but as soon as the New Year, the number of friends and family is increased, eating meals is extraordinarily frequent, drinks and other drinks are also It is inevitable to drip on the wine table, which has certain damage to the mahogany home. Alcohol is so soluble that if it is not wiped off in time, it will leave a mark on the surface of the mahogany furniture. Tips: It is inevitable that eating will contaminate the furniture, and the furniture will be covered with a waterproof or isolated tablecloth, which will make the Spring Festival banquet more comfortable. If you encounter dirt on the surface of the furniture, you need to wash it with mild soapy water in time. After drying, wax it again to restore the original appearance, but avoid using solvent-based liquid such as gasoline, kerosene or turpentine, otherwise it will wipe. Off the surface of the paint and the gloss of the paint. 3, after cleaning, pay attention to the family after a cup of change, the wreckage that was accidentally abandoned is left on the table. The surface of mahogany furniture is fragile. If you encounter cleaning, you can refer to the following small methods. If you have expired milk, don't throw it away. Milk has a certain amount of oil. It is a good way to maintain mahogany furniture. We can find a clean, soft rag and put it in the milk for a while. Then wring the rag to wipe the table and chair, etc., to make the home shiny. After the milk has penetrated into the furniture, take it again with water to remove the milky smell of milk remaining in the furniture. 4, ventilation to maintain 40% -60% of the air humidity, strong taste of tobacco and alcohol, is a legacy of many families after the reception of friends and relatives. Many housewives decide to open the windows for ventilation after the guests leave, or add aromatherapy to the humidifier to make the air fresh. In fact, mahogany furniture is also very demanding on air humidity, not too humid, nor too dry. Therefore, if your home is in the north, after the family gathering is completed, you can't ventilate for a long time. If the ventilation time is too long, the moisture content of the air will decrease, which will affect the environment where the mahogany furniture is located. Tip: When the air humidity is lower than 40%, the protection of mahogany furniture is unfavorable. Households with mahogany furniture need an alternate humidity controller to keep the air humidity as stable as possible. In addition, if you spend the Spring Festival in the wet areas of the South, you should also pay attention to the air humidity should not be greater than 60%, if necessary, you have to prepare desiccant, or we can put the sand with lime in the corner. At the same time, avoid air conditioning blowing towards the furniture! The above is the tip of the mahogany furniture that Xiaobian has provided for you. In addition, you should beware of the “infested” of “bear children” during the festival. The mahogany furniture is more fragile. Don’t give children the chance to hurt them!

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