Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: 2018 tons of steel production capacity in 2018

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The reporter learned from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the 25th that the "Three-Year Action Plan to Resolutely Fight the Pollution Prevention and Control of Industry and Communication Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") has been officially issued. The Plan clearly proposes to increase the capacity reduction of excess capacity and encourage local governments to formulate policies for eliminating backward production capacity with wider scope and stricter standards.

The Plan puts forward specific targets: by 2020, the industrial added value energy consumption of enterprises above designated size will fall by 18% compared with 2015, the water consumption per unit of industrial added value will decrease by 23% compared with 2015, and the proportion of green manufacturing and high-tech industries will be reduced. Significantly improved, the proportion of heavy chemical industry in key regions and key river basins has dropped significantly, the industrial layout has been optimized, the structure has become more reasonable, the overall level of industrial green development has been significantly improved, and the green development promotion mechanism has basically taken shape.

In order to achieve the above objectives, the "Plan" requires that urban enterprises in key regions such as Hebei Province be promoted to achieve transformation and upgrading through thorough closure, transformation and development, local transformation, and relocation outside the region. Combined with the situation of de-capacity and scrap recycling, research and support policies and measures to guide the development of electric steelmaking.

At the same time, the "plan" requires adjustment of the industrial structure, increase the excess capacity reduction, new areas of cement, flat glass, coking, electrolytic aluminum, casting and other production capacity are strictly prohibited in key areas. Strict implementation, electrolytic aluminum, cement, flat glass and other industries to replace the implementation of production capacity. Guide and urge local governments to actively promote the orderly exit of excess capacity in industries such as cement and flat glass.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology proposed to reduce the production capacity by 30 million tons in 2018, and strive to complete the goal of 150 million tons of production capacity during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. By the end of 2020, Hebei's production capacity will be controlled within 200 million tons. Strictly prevent the resurgence of "strip steel". Increase the elimination of backward production capacity in key industries, and comprehensively use standards such as quality, environmental protection, energy consumption and safety to eliminate backward production capacity according to regulations. Encourage all localities to formulate a policy of backward production capacity elimination with a wider scope and stricter standards.

The "Plan" is also strengthening the comprehensive rectification of "scattering pollution" enterprises, implementing peak production, strengthening industrial energy conservation, promoting the comprehensive utilization of industrial resources, strengthening industrial water conservation, deepening the implementation of green manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing engineering, and tackling the pollution control of diesel trucks. Specific measures have been put forward in the areas of vigorously developing green industries and promoting new energy vehicles.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has clarified that it will increase the support of existing policies for the work related to pollution prevention and control. Strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments of the State Council, and actively strive for support policies such as central financial funds, taxation, green credit, and government procurement.

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