Main decoration materials including which decoration main material list

For the decoration of the rookie, the decoration of the main material is very necessary to understand. Buying the main materials must be in order, so it's easier to decorate them. If the main material is bought too early and the purchase is late, it will delay the renovation process. Therefore, in order to make everyone no longer haunt the entanglement, share the main materials for the decoration , as well as the main material list of the decoration.

What are the main decoration materials?

1, floor

At present, the most popular market is solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, and laminate flooring. Among them, solid wood flooring and laminate flooring are most favored by consumers.

2, tiles

Mainly used for kitchen and toilet, with the advantages of waterproof, resistant to cleaning, the most popular on the market are glazed tiles and vitrified tiles.

3, sanitary ware

Sanitary ware mainly includes toilets, hand basins, bidets and other ceramic products. The seats will be divided into ordinary seats and smart seats according to the function. There are two ways: straight flush and siphon. This is personally liked on the purchase.

What are the main decoration materials?

4, cabinets

The current cabinets are divided into integral cabinets and traditionally made cabinets. The overall cabinet adopts advanced design, mechanical craftsmanship, and quick installation. Compared with traditional cabinets, it has great advantages and has gradually replaced traditional cabinets.

5, door

There are many packaged doors on the market and they have replaced traditional woodworking doors. And the suite door is also divided into molded doors, steel doors, unpainted doors and solid wood composite doors, solid wood doors.

6, switch, socket

Switches and sockets are divided by function into N open, N open dual control, five-hole socket, 16A three-hole socket, with switch socket, information socket, telephone socket, TV socket, multi-function socket, speaker socket, blank panel, waterproof box, etc. .

What are the main decoration materials?

7, faucet shower

At present, the most popular faucet shower materials are mainly ceramic valve cores, copper chrome plating, and plumbing parts whose body is refined copper is the most reliable guarantee for avoiding waterway hidden dangers.

8, smoke stove

According to the principle of smoking, the market can be divided into deep range hoods, European range hoods, side suction range hoods.

9, wallpaper

Wallpaper is a new type of decorative material that can cause intense visual impact and decorative effects. Although the wallpaper is not the main material for home decoration, it has gradually approached home decoration in recent years.

What are the main decoration materials?

10, suspended ceiling

A decorative material for the ceiling. Mainly divided into plastic steel plate, aluminum plastic plate, aluminum buckle plate, integrated ceiling and waterproof gypsum board ceiling and sauna plate ceiling.

11, stone

Stone, with natural texture, low cost and other advantages. Artificial stone with or without radiation, a variety of colors, seamless bonding, impermeability and other advantages. It can be used for windowsills, countertops, stair steps, wall decorations, etc.

12. Sink

The sink is a must-have item in the kitchen. It is divided into single-slots, double-slots, and knives from the functions and sizes. The material is basically made of stainless steel.

Editor's summary: The main materials included in the renovation, as well as the main material list of the renovation are introduced here, and hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

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