Kitchen waterproof plasterboard ceiling waterproof gypsum board ceiling is good

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most important items in many home renovations. Many kitchens use integrated ceilings to confuse which type of material the kitchen has integrated ceilings. Some choose aluminum buckle materials, while others choose waterproof gypsum board materials. So, is it a good waterproof ceiling for a kitchen plasterboard ? Follow the small series together to see it!

Kitchen waterproof plasterboard ceiling advantages:

Kitchen waterproof gypsum board ceiling has a beautiful appearance, if the overall home is European-style, then the kitchen integrated ceiling decoration using plaster ceiling is suitable, it looks not only beautiful appearance, but also more upscale than other types of ceiling, is a very A ceiling suitable for European style kitchen decoration.

Kitchen waterproof gypsum board ceiling defects:

The disadvantages of kitchen waterproof gypsum board ceilings are also obvious, and its shortcomings mainly include the following points:

1, Chinese kitchen fumes are relatively large, it is very easy to cause the white gypsum board to turn yellow, and it is difficult to clean up after becoming yellow;

2, the price is expensive, kitchen waterproof gypsum board ceiling price than the average ceiling, such as aluminum buckle ceiling, kitchen integrated ceiling expensive, so do a good job in the kitchen ceiling decoration should be a good budget;

3, because the main material is gypsum, so after a long time of use will easily lead to gypsum off, for the kitchen cleaning is very unfavorable;

4, gypsum has water absorption, every time the plum rain season, prone to damp, moisture resistance is poor.

Plasterboard ceiling construction also need to pay attention to details

Plasterboard ceilings are the most commonly used items in the renovation process. The steps are as follows. According to the plan of the design drawings, the master first determines the elevation and starts playing the keel after the horizontal line has been played. The keel is generally made of white fluffy material. If one is careful, then the red pine or tassel should be used. loose. One of the entrances here lies in how large the keel is used. It is generally recommended to use about 30×50 material so that the stability of the keel bracket is guaranteed. Some decoration companies deliberately make a fuss about this, because the less wood consumption, the The greater the profit!

The stand is ready for installation. During the process of this step, there is a process knowledge that needs to be put to everyone. That is, at a fixed time, it is necessary to install a suspender every certain distance. This is not a matter of cutting corners and labor, but some workers do not pay attention to the specification when carrying out the construction. The most direct consequence of this is that it takes a lot of time for the top surface to turn into an "arc," and cracking occurs many times for this reason! This point I hope everyone can pay more attention to when checking.

Kitchen waterproof gypsum board integrated ceiling decoration considerations

If a gypsum ceiling is used as a ceiling material for a kitchen renovation, then we should pay attention to a few points for decoration:

1, fumes will change the color of the plaster ceiling, so we should pay attention to the purchase of range hood hood, buy a good quality, smoke hood effect is significant is very important;

2, paint should be done properly anti-alkali, in the paint construction also needs our attention, good anti-alkaline treatment;

3, because of poor moisture resistance plaster ceiling, so pay attention to ventilation, so as to effectively prevent the rainy season in the rainy season.

Xiao Bian concludes : The related content of kitchen waterproof gypsum board ceilings is introduced to this and I hope to help you. More exciting information is on this site.

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