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The decoration of a home has a major influence on the decoration style that you decide. If the home design is not good, spending more money is also a problem. Today, the design of a new house is generally taught to a dedicated designer. However, even if it is a design artwork made by a professional designer, designers who do not have contact with the field may still have some design dimensions. Today I come to you to explain in detail the best standard-size interior design, hoping to help your interior design!

The best standard size for interior decoration design

PART1: [Living Room]

[Area: 20 to 40 square meters]

The living room is a facade. The strict requirements on the size of the furniture, how large a sofa with a large coffee table, and more long-range for television, etc., do not look at the small number, but enough to make your living room a comfortable and harmonious place.

The minimum size of the TV cabinet?【200×50×180cm】

Small living room, TV cabinet is very practical, generally consists of different squares, the upper part is suitable for placing crafts, the thickness of the cabinet is kept at 30cm; the thickness of the cabinet at the bottom of the TV is at least 50cm, when the TV cabinet is purchased, It is necessary to consider whether the height and the horizontal width of the cabinet should be coordinated with the width of the wall.

How high should the back of a couch or armrest be? [85 to 90 cm]

The sofa meets the needs of people for rest, so comfort is important. Height can be placed on the back of the chair so that the neck can be relaxed. If the backrest and armrests are too low, it is recommended to increase the cushion to obtain comfort. If the space is not spacious, the sofa should be placed against the wall.

How much distance should be reserved between the armrest sofa and the TV?[3 meters]

Refers to the distance between the 29-inch TV and the armrest or couch. In addition, the height of the TV cabinet is between 40cm and 120cm so as to look comfortable.

How many coffee tables are suitable for a sofa with three people? [120 x 70 x 45 cm or 100 x 100 x 45 cm]

The sofa is large or the two couches are laid together, and the dwarf coffee table is the first choice. The height of the coffee table should be level with the sofa cushion. At present, the low-end squares on the market are made of solid wood or solid wood with good texture.

Details added:

Lighting fixtures from table top height, incandescent bulbs 60 watts for 100cm, 40 watts for 65cm, 25 watts for 50cm, 15 watts for 30cm; Fluorescent light for tabletop height, 40 watts for 150cm, 30 watts for 140cm, 20 The tiles are 110cm and 8W is 55cm.


[Area: 10 to 20 square meters]

The restaurant is a place for family members to reunite. It is usually a crowded space. There are more dining chairs and places for family members. Therefore, the size must be carefully planned to become a warm place.

How big is a six-person table?[140×70 cm]

Rectangular and oval tables are perfect. Now it is generally rectangular. There are fewer square tables and round tables. The rectangular six-table table is the most common. If there are not many people at home, for the sake of province, there is a retractable dining table. When the guests come home, they will open again.

The distance from the table to the wall?[80 cm]

Including the distance to pull out the chair, and the minimum distance for the diners. During normal dining, I would like to have a spacious space, free to enter and leave, such as close to the wall, dining is not very comfortable.

The standard height of the table? [About 72 centimeters]

The height of the table, the height of the chair is 45cm. At present, the height of the dining chair on the market is poor, so it is best to sit and try to see if it matches the height of the dining table.

How much area does a table for six people occupy?【300×300 cm】

The table with a diameter of 120cm is left blank, while the diners are left empty. This program is suitable for large restaurants.

Details added:

The cooktop is 65cm-70cm, and the pan rack is 4cm away from the crater, while the hood is 70cm away from the cooktop. Whichever type of pot is used, it should be propped up to ensure the use of firepower.

PART3: [Bedroom] [Area: 12 square meters or more and 30 square meters]

Bedroom furniture is nothing more than a bed, wardrobe, bedside table, etc., although not much, but the large shape, and sometimes placed discomfort, the bedroom will appear crowded, if reasonable settings, you can enjoy the purchase of a comfortable bed.

What is the minimum area of ​​a double master bedroom?[12 square meters]

Couple bedroom can not be smaller than this, in addition to the bed, but also put a double door closet (120 × 60cm) and two nightstands. If the room has 16 square meters, choose a large wardrobe with sliding doors.

The height of the big wardrobe? [About 240 centimeters]

Take into account the long clothing, need to keep 160cm, leave 80cm space on the upper part of the season. Refers to the formation of a large wardrobe, if you want to build a wardrobe, can be designed to the top, and then a beautiful sliding door, not only the province, but also put more clothing.

If you want to accommodate the side of a double bed, two bedside tables, and a closet, how long should a wall be? [400 or 420 cm]

A 160 cm wide double bed and a 60 cm wide wardrobe can be placed on the wall, including 60 to 70 cm of active space on both sides of the bed and 60 cm of space occupied by the cabinet door. With a sliding door, the wall can be narrowed by 50cm. Now popular double bed, width up to 200cm.

If the wardrobe is placed on the side of the wall corresponding to the bed, how close is the distance between the two pieces of furniture?[90 cm]

If you want to open the closet door easily, this distance is the best. If you use a sliding door, there is no such problem and you can get a small distance.

Details added:

The bed is slightly higher than the knee, making it easy to get up and down. The height of the pillow should be equal to the shoulder width, so that the neck muscles relax, breathing is smooth, and the blood supply to the chest is normal. The infant should be 6cm, and the elderly should not use the pillow too high to avoid insufficient blood supply to the head.

Editor's summary: The above is the interior decoration design furniture size general interior decoration standard size Daquan the relevant knowledge introduction, hopes can help to have this kind of demand the friend! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will Show more exciting content!

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