Installation method of wooden stairs

Stairs are more common in our lives, but this is just a staircase in the corridor. Nowadays, many houses are equipped with stairs. For example, duplex buildings and villas will be installed with stairs. Generally, wooden stairs will be installed more. Some, then the wooden stairs installation methods, what does? installation Notes wooden stairs, what does? following on from the small series of renovated home network to tell you about it.


First, the installation method of wooden stairs

1. The choice of armrests is 90 degrees and curved. The length is processed only when connected. Take care to protect the corners of the parts. Draw the installation line first, then drill or cut. First install the two middle columns on the straight line, and fix them securely, then install the small column between the two middle columns. There is a hole under the small column and the round wedge is added. This is the connection between the tiles and the wooden posts. Put glue in the installation.

2. Install the handrail at this time and first make sure to install it on the two columns. Then install the small column so that the small column is vertical and the position on the armrest is drawn. The height of the railing is thus determined. Use a nail gun to secure the armrest to the center post position. Just measure the position and length of the small column and install it. Install other parts as such.


Second, the installation points of the wooden stairs

1. The height and width of the stairs, that is, the design of the step is mainly determined by the walking distance and leg length of the walking. The average step size of the adult is about 60-62cm, and the width of the step is about 24cm. The first step of the wooden staircase is 2-5 cm wider. The height of the step cannot be greater than 17.5cm, and the step height of the residential building should be below 20cm, and the error of the step height should not be greater than 1cm.

2. Before installing the wooden stair railing, it is necessary to carry out inspection and measurement work. Check whether the flat steel of the fixed wooden handrail is smooth and firm, then drill the small hole fixing wood screws on the flat steel and then brush the anti-rust paint; if measuring, use the tape measure to measure the length of the wooden handrail required between each step. In order to accurately cut the material, it is necessary to add a small length on the basis of the measured size; for the splicing of the wooden handrail, the special tamper is used to open the finger 榫, and the 榫 joint of each step cannot exceed one.

3. Look at the wood species used in the stairs and how the wood species adapt to the locality. For reasons of climate, the most expensive wood species are usually from South America, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. The wood species grown in these areas are easy to dry, the place is adaptable, and the quality and color are better. Try to choose wood with a higher hardness. When choosing wood, you can use your nails to see if there is any obvious indentation.

The general stairs are all equipped with wooden, especially indoor stairs, so what are the installation methods of the wooden stairs and what are the precautions for the installation of the wooden stairs? I want to read the introduction of the above small series, everyone knows it, then If you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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