Infrared radiation installation method and installation diagram sharing

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Infrared radiation installation method and installation diagram sharing
Infrared radiation installation
1 Pillar installation: The more popular pillars are round and square. The early popular ones are circular section pillars. Now the situation is just the opposite. Square pillars are becoming more and more popular in the engineering world. Mainly the detector is mounted on the square pillar without rotation and is not easy to move. In addition, a wide range of stainless steel, alloy, aluminum alloy profiles are also one of its advantages. Another method in the work is to use angle steel as the pillar. If it is not guaranteed that the route is effectively worn through the pipe and the line is exposed in the air, this method is not acceptable.
The shape of the pillars can be "1" shape, "z" shape or curved, depending on the characteristics of the building and the anti-theft requirements. The key point is that the fixing of the pillars must be firm and firm, without displacement or shaking, to facilitate installation and Fortification and reduce false positives. ;
2 Wall-mounting: Now the manufacturer of active infrared detectors at the forefront of the anti-theft market can provide infrared detectors with a horizontal angle of 180° and a tilt angle of more than 20°, such as aleph active infrared detectors ha, abt, Abf series products can support the probe to be installed directly on the outer wall of the building or on the fence and fence.
General principles for the installation of infrared detectors
The detectors installed on the channel are mainly functional and prevent people from illegally passing. In order to prevent false alarms caused by pets, small animals, etc., the position of the probe should generally be more than 50 m from the ground. The shading time should be adjusted to a faster position to respond quickly to illegal intrusions.
The main function of the detector set on the wall is to prevent man-made malicious over-the-counter, both top and side mount.
The detector mounted on the top should be positioned higher than the fence and 25 m at the top of the wall to reduce false alarms caused by birds and kittens moving on the wall. The four-beam detector has stronger anti-false alarm capability than the dual beam, and the dual beam is stronger than the single beam.
The side installation is to install the probe on the fence, the wall is close to the top side of the wall, generally for wall installation, mostly installed on the outside. This way can avoid the interference of birds and kittens.
Each method has its own advantages or disadvantages, and the engineering firm has their own preference for each installation. Users should choose according to the characteristics of their buildings and anti-theft requirements.
Special reminder for infrared radiation installation
1. The line must not be applied clearly, and it must be hidden by the tube. This is the minimum requirement for the safety of the detector.
2. The detector mounted on the wall shall have a maximum horizontal distance of no more than 30 m from the wall, which requires special attention when the wall is curved in a curved shape.
3. After the wiring is connected, test the power supply terminals 1 and 2 of the probe with the resistance of the multimeter to confirm that there is no short-circuit fault before turning on the power for debugging.
Infrared radiation installation method and installation diagram share: infrared radiation connection method
The power supply is connected in positive and negative polarity. You can treat all the wired detector alarm output parts as one switch. Generally, there are 3 terminal blocks com (common) / nc (normally closed) / no (normally open), we often The com and nc are used, and the alarm alarm input terminal of the alarm host is connected. If the alarm host has a tamper-proof tail resistance, the tail resistance must be connected to the detector, not to the end of the host, otherwise the anti-vandal function will be lost.
The resistance of the wired alarm host is called the "wire tail resistance". As the name suggests, it should be connected to the end of the line, that is, the detector. Anti-destruction function, short circuit, open circuit will alarm. Do not connect directly to the host, otherwise, the manufacturer is not as good as soldering on the circuit board. Many beginners make similar mistakes. I hope to draw attention.

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