Industrial Gelatin and Edible Gelatin

Industrial Gelatin and Edible Gelatin

Industrial gelatin, a fine chemical, is a light yellow or brown crumb with no unpleasant odor and no visible impurities. It is an ideal source of protein. Edible gelatin is widely used as a thickening agent in the food industry for additions such as frozen food coloring, marshmallow, ice cream, dry cooling, yogurt, frozen foods, and the like. In the chemical industry, it is mainly used as a raw material for bonding, emulsification, and advanced cosmetics. Gelatin can also be used as a vermicelli to make it stronger. Photographic gelatine gelatin plays a crucial role in every step of film production. It not only maintains the stable dispersion of photosensitive silver salts, it can make the emulsion mature more easily controllable, but also affects the effect of film exposure and shot-shooting.

Industrial gelatin use: First, it is used in the manufacturing of matches. It mainly utilizes the foaming properties of colloids to form pores, and combines oxidants, ignition agents and fillers to make them instantly ignite. The second is as a viscous agent, using its high strength, elasticity and toughness, to produce emery cloth, sandpaper, bonded wood, bound books and used in gift box assembly line, high-grade musical instruments, furniture industry.

First of all, the production and industrial use of industrial gelatin is legal, and the use of industrial gelatin for non-industrial purposes such as food and medicine is illegal and extremely unethical! In so many provinces and regions, so many regulatory authorities, especially those pharmaceutical companies that require very strict and very strict supervision, how does industrial gelatin evade the supervision and application of drugs on drugs? Nothing just knows that the money is being collected, that one is out of business, the whole industry is involved, and the victim is always working hard for the public.

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