How to identify all kinds of waste plastics? Method list

LDPE (Chinese name: low density high pressure polyethylene): sensory identification: soft hand: white transparent, but the transparency is general, often with tape and printed words. (Note: tape and printed characters are unavoidable, but must be controlled, as these will affect the price in the market.) Combustion identification: yellow and blue on the burning flame; smokeless when burning, smell of paraffin, melting Drip, easy to draw.

EVa (Chinese name: Polyethylene-ethyl acetate): sensory identification: soft surface; tensile strength is stronger than LDPE, feel sticky (but no glue on the surface); white transparent, high transparency, sensory and feel with PVC film Similar should be noted. Identification of combustion: The same smell of paraffin wax as LDPE when burned is slightly sour; the burning flame is yellow and blue; it is smokeless when burned. Melt dripping, easy to draw. Note: This {TodayHot} product is one of the PE types, the price is the same as LDPE, it can be used for regenerative granulation, and the quality requirements are the same as PE.

PP (polypropylene): sensory identification: This product is white transparent and LDPE has higher transparency, there is sound when sputum. Identification of combustion: When burning, the flame is yellow and blue, smells like oil, melts and drops, and there is no black smoke when burning.

PET film (polyester) sensory identification: This product is white and transparent, feels hard, and there is sound when it is smashed. Appears like PP. Combustion identification: there is black smoke when burning, the flame has a flashover phenomenon, the surface of the material is blackened after burning, the black carbon of the finger is burned, and the carbide is powdery.

Sensory identification of PVC film (polyvinyl chloride): Appearance is very similar to EVA but elastic. Identification of combustion: black smoke when burning, extinguished from fire, the burning surface is black, no melting and dripping.

Nylon copolymer (LDPE + nylon): sensory identification: This product is very similar to LDPE. Identification of combustion: yellow and blue on the burning flame, smokeless when burning, smell of paraffin, melted and dripped, easy to draw but different from LDPE is the smell of burning hair when burning, pale yellow after burning. Note: Nylon copolymers should not be used for regenerative granulation. Strictly distinguish them from LDPE and strictly control the content in large parts.

Sensory identification of PE+PP copolymer: Compared with LDPE, the transparency of this product is much higher than that of LDPE. There is no difference between hand and LDPE. The tear test is very similar to PP film, and it is transparent and pure white. Combustion identification: When the product is burned, the flame is all yellow, melted and dripped, no black smoke, and the smell is like oil.

Sensory identification of PP+PET copolymer: Appearance is like PP, the transparency is very high, and the sound is louder than PP. Identification of combustion: There is black smoke when burning, the flame has a flashover phenomenon, and the burning surface is black carbonized.

Sensory identification of PE+PET composite film: the surface of the material is smooth and not smooth, and the white is transparent. Combustion identification: burning like PET, no melting dripping phenomenon, burning surface black carbonization, black smoke, jumping fire phenomenon, with the paraffin smell of PE.

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