How to determine the appropriate sowing date and seeding rate

The suitable sowing date should be considered comprehensively according to the local climatic conditions, the type of vegetables, the cultivation method, whether the seedlings are divided into seedlings, the appropriate seedling age, the seedbed type and the planting period. First of all, to determine the appropriate planting period, cucumber, zucchini, tomato, eggplant, pepper and other warm vegetables suitable for frost planting in the open field. Like cold cabbage, celery, rape and other vegetables, can be planted in the open field 20-30 days before the final frost . Early-cultivation of protected land, due to cold-proof insulation facilities, can be planted in advance than in open field cultivation. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the suitable seedling age of various vegetables. Under normal conditions of impotence, the tomato seedling age is 60-70 days, eggplant and pepper are 80-90 days, cucumber 30-40 days, and zucchini 20-25 days. Cabbage 70-80 days, celery 50-60 days. Seedlings are grown on an electric hotbed. The seedling age of cucumber is 28-35 days, tomato is 37-55 days, eggplant is 55-70 days, and sweet pepper is 55-70 days. After determining the colonization period, the sowing date is calculated forward with the appropriate number of days of seedling age. When the sowing period is determined, the conditions such as the fertility characteristics of the vegetables, the nursery facilities and the technical level should be considered flexibly, and the seeds should not be blindly planted early.


While determining the appropriate sowing date, determine the amount of seeding. According to the planting plan, the area of ​​various vegetable seedbeds and seedbeds, and the number of seeds required are calculated. In order to ensure the number of seedlings, a safety factor of 30%-50% is required .


Source: China Agricultural Promotion Network




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