How to choose the color of furniture according to the Feng Shui five elements?

The home is a space where everything is washed out and the mind is rested. If you are properly arranged, you will be calm and uncomfortable. If you don’t have the right arrangement, you will suffer from the loss. The perfect home is like a finishing touch, which can make the whole home shine with different brilliance. The five elements of attributes and the choice of furniture color teach you how to remove the intuitional preferences, according to their own character, learn from each other's strengths, rational choice for their own furniture?

Main color selection of furniture

In the connection between Feng Shui and the five elements, the theory is based on gold as white, wood as green, fire as red, water as black, and soil as yellow.

Take the five elements of "earth" as an example. According to the principle of the five elements, the numerology is earth. The most favorable color celebration is red, that is, red, and purple and pink, which are close to red, are also suitable color elements. The people of the earth can choose a large area of ​​pink and purple color when choosing the color of the furniture. In the long run, the work and life should be as good as the fish, and at the same time, because the true color of the soil is yellow, so yellow, including the beige derived from it. Color, orange color can also be used as the main color of furniture; it is like a brother's concentric, its profitable gold field; and because of the ancient gold, the right amount of white can play the role of turbidity, but the amount used Big, but not too much, causing the unfavorable situation of the smashing of the Lord; and the most unsuitable is the green, and similar wood color and cyan. The so-called Mu Ke Tu, people in the living room, as if the baby is in a shackle, because of the feeling or comfort or crying and weeping; adults certainly do not have the sensibility of the baby, but if you are in a bad position for a long time, your heart is The reaction of the subconscious.

In the same way, the "gold" of the five elements: the most prosperous color element is of course yellow, and the resulting beige, orange; its own gold, similar to the apricot, white, black, blue. The "wood" of the five elements: when the color of Wang is necessarily black, blue; followed by green, wood color, red, purple, pink. The most prosperous colors of the five elements of "water": gold, apricot, white, golden yellow; followed by: black, blue, green, wood color. The most prosperous color of the "fighting" of the five elements: green, wood color. Second: red, purple, pink, yellow, beige, orange, brown, brown.

The above is of course a conventional theoretical reference. If the numerology is hard, it should be analyzed according to the actual situation. In fact, a family, less than two or three, and many generations of the same family, how to benefit and avoid harm, it is particularly important. Generally speaking, taking the master room as an example, it must be the same room for the husband and wife. If the two are different, it is difficult to have the same color. You can only retreat to the next level, take two people are suitable for the color of the room. The color of the living room is to use the color that everyone in the family does not match. At the same time, if the five elements of the house are moderate, it is not hard or weak. If the house hits too hard, it just needs the color of the gram to dilute some of the shortcomings of the life, in order to achieve a balance. Therefore, according to your actual five elements to choose your own suitable color, you still need to work hard to think about it. Fortunately, the network is now developed, and the individual five elements can be obtained through network query, which reduces the barriers to accumulation of relevant knowledge.

A friend of the author changed a beige fabric sofa at home. When a friend returns home, he loves to go up. Her husband rarely sits down, and more often chooses a wooden bench that has no backrest. Friends often laugh at the husband is a natural life. Later, I chatted with the author by chance. Fang Zhi’s male master’s five elements belonged to the soil, and the five elements had three soils, which belonged to the obvious hard soil. The sofa chosen by a friend is just beige. Her husband is already a lot of life. When the sofa is placed there, it is already a bad atmosphere. The feeling of discomfort will be born, and its instinctive reaction is to refuse. Later, the author suggested that friends replace the cloth of the sofa with navy blue, and try to use the wood to make the air stagnant. Of course, there are two more in the living room of their home and the back of the TV series. The poor little wooden stool can only be a single shadow.

Selection of furniture color scheme

The above how to correctly use the five elements of color to adjust our human body energy field, which is complex and simple. However, a home space is not a solid color space. At this time, the auxiliary color of the furniture or the decoration of small pieces of furniture is particularly important.

For example, if the owner likes to arrange more green series in the living room, as listed above, because of the relationship between the aquatic trees in the five elements, it is also possible to arrange some blue and black series while arranging the green and green series. Half a time, the effect of icing on the cake; but if there is no blue-black system representing the "water" in the five elements, but there are a large number of white series representing the "gold" in the five elements, then it is more inappropriate. Because the "gold" in the five elements can be "wood". As for the red and purple series representing the "fire" in the five elements, it can be used in this room but not too much. Because of the relationship between wood and fire, there is a loss of appearance when the wood sees fire. In addition, the yellow series representing the “earth” of the five elements can also be used. Suppose the owner likes to arrange more red and purple series in the living room. As mentioned above, the five elements of the wood fire. Therefore, it is also advisable to arrange some green and cyan series. It is not advisable to use a large area of ​​blue and black series to avoid the taboo of "water" (blue, black) and "fire" (red, purple). In addition, the genus yellow and the white gold can be arranged.

In addition, if there are people who like to arrange more yellow series in the living room, because the color of "earth" is yellow series, according to the relationship between the five elements of fire and earth, people who like yellow may wish to arrange some red in the living room. Purple series. However, if you don't see the red and purple series, you will see a lot of green, blue and green series. Because the five rows of wood (green) grams of soil (yellow). The rest represents the white of "gold", which means that the blue and black of "water" can be used. The color of the "gold" in the five elements is a white series, and the five elements are made of native gold, so the yellow series is more suitable. However, it should be noted that the five elements of the fire in the gold, so if the choice of white for the main color of the home, it is best to use the best not to use red and purple as a match. The rest of the black series representing the "water" in the five elements and the green series representing the "wood" can also be used. Just not too much. As listed above, because of the relationship between the five elements of the gold and water, it is also advantageous to arrange some white series in the five lines of the "gold" in the living room. But if you don't see white, you will see more yellow series of "earth", then it is more inappropriate. Because the "earth" in the five elements can "water". The green series representing "wood" and the red series representing "fire" are available, but not too much.

As for many mixed colors, the principle of raw grams is more complicated and will not be discussed. In addition, there is also the phenomenon of “five elements of rumors”: for example, the five elements of water in the water, but the fire is more than the water, but the situation is “fire and dry”. This is also a large area of ​​red instead of a small area of ​​black, visible five elements are in balance!

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