How to choose LED display that is energy-saving and good quality

With the increasing awareness of global energy conservation and environmental protection, the issue of energy conservation and emission reduction has been strengthened from time to time. Many countries and regions in the world have introduced policies to vigorously support the development of the energy-saving and environmental-friendly LED industry. Many LED display manufacturers are rushing to launch LED displays with various energy-saving technologies.

The high-efficiency and energy-saving LED display is not a technical improvement of a certain device, but a multi-faceted technological innovation and transformation of the overall solution. In terms of high-end performance, it is not only the high-end components that draw performance, new processing techniques, and scientific and rational structural design, but also features single-point detection, point-by-point correction, and the like, so that the brightness uniformity is ≤5%; and the box flatness Also need to improve, improve the display effect, reduce the screen body failure rate; energy-saving, the package is a new design, control of reasonable tolerances, high and low temperature work can adhere to the appropriate gap between the modules; the same brightness LED lamp operating current Smaller, can effectively reduce the heat; box device has intelligent temperature control and intelligent brightness control, reduce the display temperature, improve display, and extend the life of the display.

With advanced technical support, LED displays are guaranteed in terms of energy saving and environmental protection and product quality.

1. Constant current noise reduction technology The LED display driver chip adopts an internationally advanced special chip system for LED display. The system is playing a leading role in the field of full-color LED display.

Combining with the characteristics of its chips, research has formed a constant current noise reduction technology to ensure that the power supply and other noise source factors have a minimal impact on the LED electronic display.

2, brightness adjustment technology In order to adapt to different weather, so that the display to achieve the best display, LED electronic display designed specifically for the brightness of 256-level adjustment device. Ensure that the entire LED display can achieve the best display in all environments.

3, strong convection heat rejection system LED display screen work heat is higher, in order to ensure that the entire display system in a stable state of operation, research on the display cooling system, there is a set of strong convection heat removal system. In addition, the use of aluminum heat transfer effect makes the heat dissipation system more stable and reliable.

4, special protection technology for environmental protection materials Using environmentally friendly materials, through special processes, no glue, it can be LED display module to achieve both waterproof and dustproof, and UV protection of environmental protection purposes.

The LED display itself is an energy-saving product. How to choose an LED display with high efficiency and energy saving and practical application quality? It is necessary to select the appropriate economical and environmentally friendly LED display screen based on the customer's location and the above technical features.

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