Home store "exploring the road" e-commerce grabbed its own business?

E-commerce series report of the store article With the development of e-commerce, the home industry e-commerce has also rapidly emerged in recent years, many professional home network malls for consumers and enterprises to build platforms, such as Qumei furniture, TATA wooden door, Wrigley bathroom Enterprises such as Shengxiang Floor and Kohler Sanitary Ware have tried water and electricity companies, and the enthusiasm of e-commerce in home enterprises has continued to rise. In fact, the home stores that have been hailed as the “lifeline of life” of home furnishing companies have also begun to actively try and explore in the field of e-commerce, and their “identity” in e-commerce is very special, traditional channels and e-commerce. The channel is not only a competitive relationship, but at the same time, with the e-commerce tide, if you can not use the e-commerce in time, and take advantage of e-commerce, it is inevitable to lag behind the development of the times and industries. Many home stores have tried e-commerce, such as Lanjing Mall, a subsidiary of Lanjingli, Baishe Home.com, which is owned by Yuexing Home, and Hongmei Mall, the e-commerce platform of Red Star Macalline, which has received much attention in recent days. Chengwai Chengjia Square and Jimei Home, which cooperate with the existing e-commerce platform. At present, home stores are still exploring and experimenting with e-commerce. The industry believes that the greater significance is not the success, but the process of continuous learning. The initial effect of self-built e-commerce platform needs to be verified. In fact, the exploration of e-commerce in home stores has not stopped in recent years, and there are many problems. E-commerce in the home store is exploring, and the store is not expected to succeed in one fell swoop. It is more about the mentality of exploration, learning and experimentation. From the current point of view, many home stores have established their own e-commerce websites. Among them, the monthly star network in October last year, the blue-view mall that opened the trading function in March this year, and the Hongmei Mall, which will enter the trial operation in July, are all the powerful e-commerce platforms of hypermarkets. . At present, the self-built e-commerce website of the store has got rid of the single display function, and has opened the trading function. Although it is also an online transaction, it can be found through comparison that the e-commerce of each store is still different. Lanjing Mall mainly provides online stores for merchants, and has a dedicated customer service staff to communicate with consumers instantly. There is no clear limit on the price of the product, which is freely priced by the merchant, and the e-commerce is equivalent to the new sales channel; while Baishe.com emphasizes the low price, the purchase of household products through the network, the price will be lower than the transaction price of the physical store furniture. 20% to 70%; Hongmei Mall's e-commerce strategy is different from the previous two. Its business line is divided into three major systems, in addition to the online B2C platform business based on home building materials, including home textiles and small furniture. Online purchase of household items and group purchase of household goods. According to the Lanjing Mall homepage, the e-commerce platform of Lanjingli has started preparations in 2006 and has been launched in 2007. It was revised in March this year. Yin Bo bluntly said that the initial platform was not official e-commerce. In fact, it was the introduction of products. More than 500 merchants opened an online store, which can be traded on it, but no one communicated with customers in the late stage. The store can only be displayed as a product. After the revision this year, the form has changed, emphasizing service. Manufacturers in need have contact with Lanjingli, and manufacturers must guarantee communication with customers. If there is no such condition, they will not be qualified. According to Yin Bo, after the revision of the e-commerce platform of Lan Jingli's home, it has been sold for dozens of times in the past three months. Although most of them are hardware, handles and other small products, the e-commerce road of the store has advanced one after another. Small step. Baishe.com Homepage Last October, Yuexing Home's e-commerce platform “Yuexing•百舍家居网” officially opened its doors to welcome guests. It is understood that the platform is a B2C online store independently developed by Yuexing Home. Han Dan, general manager of Baishe.com, said that compared with physical stores, the online store will save 20% to 70% of the price of physical store furniture because it saves the cumbersome intermediate links. In addition to the price advantage, in terms of service, Baishe.com cooperates with national logistics companies to provide 2000 city delivery services and provide free on-site installation services for Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. After the conditions are ripe, the scope of this free on-site installation service will gradually Extended to the whole country. In addition, Baishe proposes a 7-day return and exchange commitment, and promises one-year free warranty and lifetime maintenance for the goods sold. In addition, Yuexing Home provides a seamless connection for offline experience and online purchase. The model room of Yuexing Store provides consumers with reference and store experience, avoiding the blindness of direct online order placement. Hongmei Mall's homepage has recently reported that Red Star Macalline has entered the e-commerce market with low-key, and its e-commerce platform “Hongmei Mall” will be put into trial operation in July. The Red Star Macalline e-commerce strategy is also the first exposure: the existing merchants and brand resources of Red Star Macalline will be transferred online, and online merchants will be expanded through e-commerce service providers, including the category and brand of top 100 popular products of Tmall Home. Guide to the Red Mall. The reporter learned that on June 12, Red Star Macalline’s e-commerce website was debuted (). The Red Star Macalline test water e-commerce, its Hongmei Mall has not yet launched, it has triggered the attention and hot discussion of many people in the electric business. According to industry insiders, the supplier of 6,000 cooperative brands and the influence of the first brand in the home furnishing industry, the scale of the offline sales of 50 billion is the advantage of Red Star Macalline. And the e-commerce strategy of “big house adopts o2o mode, small furniture adopts flash purchase mode, and admission supplier adopts B2B2C” is affirmed. For Red Star Macalline to enter the e-commerce, there is no lack of denial. Well-known IT person and brand CEO Wang Penghui believes that Red Star has no advantage in doing e-commerce. He is worried that Red Star is difficult to solve the problem of how to control and logistics and after-sales. In addition to the self-built e-commerce platform, the model used by Jimei Home and Chengwai Home Plaza is to cooperate with the e-commerce platform to rent the venue. The difference between the two is that the role of Cheng Cheng Cheng is “E-commerce second landlord”, renting the venue to the Tmall love trend, collecting rent; Jimei is to “contribute” the venue, no rent, only symbolic charge The management fee of “one yuan per square meter per day”, in addition, Jimei withdraws the fee according to 5% of the merchant's sales. Tmall Love Bees Chaocheng Waicheng Home Experience Museum As early as the beginning of March, Tmall announced in Beijing that it officially launched the Tmall Love Bees Chaocheng Foreign Home Experience Museum project. The Tmall Love Bee Tide Experience Hall will be located in a prime location of 50,000 square meters in Chengnan Square outside the city, which means that Chengwai has taken the opportunity to intervene in the field of e-commerce. It is reported that the store will continue to integrate online and offline O2O mode, namely Online to Offline, display product information online, and experience product services offline, so that consumers have more full awareness. Liu Changhe, the general manager of Chengwai Chengjia Plaza, said that in today's Internet age, how to provide services to emerging Internet users is an important topic for Chengcheng's research. Tmall Love Bees Chaocheng Waicheng Home Experience Museum is not only a kind of oriented service for e-commerce users outside the city, but also will bring new customers to the original brand enterprises that only operate offline, online and offline Support, complement each other and promote each other. On May 18th, Jimei and a network mall jointly built the home e-commerce experience museum to settle in Jimei Home Dahongmen Store No.1 Hall, the venue area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters, the goods involved in the home decoration required basic building materials, tiles, flooring, bathroom, furniture Wait for 20 major categories. According to Zhao Jianguo, president of Jimei Home, the home e-commerce experience hall adopts a zero-rent mode, which only needs to charge a management fee, a management fee of one yuan per square meter per day, which is negligible for many merchants. In terms of profit, Jimei draws the fee according to 5% of the merchant's sales. If the sales amount reaches a certain amount, the management fee is also waived. In fact, the mode of cooperation between this store and the existing e-commerce platform is in its infancy. The bee boom that cooperated with the city outside the city was opened from May last year to the midway customs store, and then settled outside the city, and experienced some twists and turns. The general manager of Chengwai Chengjia Plaza did not say anything about this. He said that our concept is that the e-commerce offline stores are honestly outside the city. We are a cooperative and leasing relationship. At the same time, Mr. Liu believes that e-commerce in the home industry is indeed immature, but because of this, there is potential for development. Moreover, the city has taken the risk to a minimum, and adopted the method of closing the rent. Liu Changhe’s point of view is “to let professional people do professional things”, and e-commerce is a new thing, it needs to be explored. There is a market, there is a platform for honesty outside the city, there are resources and credibility, and the rest is how to connect. The effect of the scene, the service in the later stage, and the work outside the city are doing what they are good at. At present, there is news that Tmall Aibo Chaocheng Waicheng Home Experience Store will open its doors in July, and the effect will still need time and market testing. After nearly two months of operation, the home offline experience store at Jimei Dahongmen’s store did not seem to be satisfactory. Zhao Jianguo, president of Jimei Home, admits that the flow of people in the experience hall is not prosperous. For the current problems, General Zhao concluded that, first, people in the Jimei store are still not suitable for e-commerce, and they still lack sufficient enthusiasm for it. Awareness of its advertising support and publicity. In addition, there are still many defects in the layout of the exhibition hall. For example, the comprehensive display of the products in each store is not in place, and the influence of the merchants on the Internet is still not in place. For the attempt of e-commerce, Mr. Zhao believes that Jimei has a large business area. It is necessary to carry out experiments in this area. If it is a small enterprise, then advise everyone not to experiment with it easily. After all, the probability of failure is too high. Although the e-commerce of the store is not mature, it is not difficult to find out from the many problems that exist at present. It is not mature for home stores to be e-commerce. The store mainly adopts two types of rental venues, cooperation with existing e-commerce platforms, and self-built e-commerce websites, and they are all in their infancy, but the stores are still full of confidence in e-commerce. Although some insiders questioned: E-commerce is stealing its own traditional business, how long can it be played by itself? The store giants have repeatedly considered their eyes and made their eyes look even longer. For the e-commerce of home stores, Yin Bo said that everyone is currently exploring, e-commerce does have great difficulty, but still have to try, after all, is a big development trend, the main role of e-commerce is to assist sales. Zhao Jianguo, president of Jimei Home, also admitted that home building materials stores and e-commerce are relatively big conflicts, but at the same time, e-commerce is an inevitable trend of market development. It is not as good as early electric shock, and he also regards this cooperation with online shopping malls as It is an "experiment." "I am not considering success and failure now. How to learn these things as soon as possible so that we can adapt to it as soon as possible and find out the regularity as soon as possible. After all, e-commerce will represent the future direction of China's home building materials." Zhao Jianguo said. Yuexing Home set a goal at the beginning of the establishment of Baishe. The general manager of Baishe.com Han Dan said, “Our goal is to create the largest scale, the most comprehensive variety, the best price, the best service and the most accurate positioning. China's online shopping mall model, to create a leading domestic large-scale professional online interactive shopping community, to create a veritable online home SHOPPING MALL.” Ding Zuohong, chairman of Yuexing Home, said earlier that the company will focus on the development of the physical mall in the future. Traditional consumer groups have turned to new consumer groups for e-commerce. Xu Jinghong, the general manager of Xiyingmen Furniture Plaza, is also a proponent of e-commerce, and he himself has invested in a home e-commerce website, and is a three-in-one "store store + online store dealer + service provider" The model is a selling point. Xu Jinghong believes that e-commerce is not a narrow-opening B2B, B2C, C2C store transaction, but a broader network promotion and network display. “Think about how much we spend on network promotion every year? How much does it cost? How many of them can do more than 30%?” Under a series of questions, Xu Jinghong bluntly said that the home industry is urgent. Professional display sales platforms are needed, and brands of commercial distribution platforms are more easily remembered by consumers. And enterprises must set up a new team for e-commerce, and the team should be four: young, knowledgeable, professional, and international. More and more home stores are gradually recognizing the importance of e-commerce in the flood of the Internet. It is not difficult to see the strength of several major stores. There is still a long way to go to make electricity stores in home stores. Although the prospects are not yet known, they are actively trying.

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