Home decoration materials purchase seven methods

Nowadays, in order to save money, many homebuyers also want to express themselves and their individuality. When decorating a house, they often choose the “clearing the packager” scheme, that is, the decoration materials are all solved by themselves, and the decoration company is only responsible for the construction. It is said that with this method, the decoration fee can save 10,000 yuan. So even though this means that the owner's family will be "hard-working" for a few months, there are still many people who are happy.

However, even if this is the case, there are still some clever doors to learn from the purchase of decorative materials, otherwise the result is likely to be a lot of "bitter", but the money has not been saved. The following are the seven methods of selecting materials introduced by people who come here, for those who want to save money.

(1) Go shopping before starting work. Don't choose materials after the renovation team has started, so you won't have enough time to patiently choose materials. At the very least, three months before the start of construction, we will open the decorative materials market every weekend, find the favorite decoration materials, and accumulate various experiences.

(2) Don't stroll after starting work. Use the experience accumulated a while ago to quickly determine the style and grade, and then go straight to the goal, of course, don't forget to bargain.

(3) The ability to bargain is derived from the accumulation of the previous period. Make full use of experience, courage and accurate calculations when bargaining.

(4) Don't be the most expensive, just be satisfied. Many people think that the more expensive the decorative materials, the better. The material you choose must match the style of your living room. For example, if you choose a cheaper floor tile, you can choose the most expensive faucet, which is waste. As long as the material is unified in the big style can be considered.

(5) Cleverly choose the place of purchase. For example, small items such as hardware can be purchased in a building such as “Bai'anju” and “Oubeide”. The quality is guaranteed and a lot of peace can be saved.

(6) Lighting must be spent. The lamp is the crowning touch of the living room. The form is ever-changing and the price difference is large. Therefore, you must shop around and choose carefully.

(7) With the choice of materials, there must be a return. Don't spare time and energy on the selection of materials, carefully select each product, take the imagination and sentiment of life, go shopping, go to Amoy, choose.

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