Get rid of the traditional misunderstanding of wallpaper, experience the new feeling of wallpaper home

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There are many misunderstandings in the wallpaper, and the demining needs to be cautious! At present, most people's understanding of wallpaper still stays in the 1980s, and now the wallpaper has been updated, the use of high-tech, new materials, the performance of the wallpaper continues to improve. In this summer of decoration, let us break the traditional misunderstanding of wallpaper and experience the new feeling of home brought by wallpaper.

Misunderstanding 1: not environmentally friendly, harmful to human body

Correction: From the current production and process of wallpaper, most wallpapers do not contain harmful substances such as lead and benzene, and from the application point of view, the more developed countries have higher requirements for environmental protection, and the developed countries The demand and usage of wallpaper is much higher than in our country.

Misunderstanding 2: Short use time, not easy to care, color is easy to change

Correction: After a few years of use, the latex paint is prone to peeling, discoloration, dirty and difficult to clean, and the color is also single. The use of new materials makes the life of wallpapers as long as 5 to 8 years, and some brands of wallpaper products have a service life of more than 10 years. Of course, residents can also choose to change wallpapers at any time to create different home styles and atmospheres. The new wallpaper is also very easy to care for, dirty with a damp cloth, the color will not change.

Misunderstanding 3: easy to fall off, update trouble

Correction: This is not a problem with the wallpaper itself, but the paste process does not meet the requirements, and now the brand wallpaper manufacturers often have a well-trained professional construction team to provide a comprehensive after-sales service for wallpaper paving.

Misunderstanding 4: High cost

Correction: In the wallpaper, the price of imported wallpaper is higher than that of domestic wallpaper. The price of natural material wallpaper is higher than that of PVC wallpaper. The price of big brand wallpaper is higher than that of noisy wallpaper. But no matter which brand manufacturer, it will consider the purchasing power of the consumer groups targeted by its products. Moreover, the effect that wallpaper can embody and create is far from unmatched by other decorative materials, and it is a great value choice.

Myth 5: What wallpapers are the same?

Correction: Wallpapers can be divided into natural materials, synthetic materials, fabric materials, and metal materials. The environmental protection and performance of different materials vary greatly, and the applicable space and style are also different.

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