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Redwood, now referred to as mahogany, refers to the thirty five species of eight genera in the “Hongmu National Standard”.

What is mahogany

Redwood, now referred to as mahogany, refers to the thirty five species of eight genera in the “Hongmu National Standard”.

What are the five major values ​​of mahogany furniture?

In general, the industry believes that Hongmu home has the following five values:

1, a strong life office use value. If most of the products such as gold, stocks, insurance, calligraphy, and paintings do not have functions, the extra houses are not used by themselves, although they cannot use their own functions. People can't be tired and live without them. Good calligraphy and painting are often hidden in bank safes as the author himself.

2, artistic aesthetic value. The mahogany furniture displays mellow, dignified, ethereal, thick, grand and elegant beauty through modeling and engraving. The mahogany logs show Shen Mu, gorgeous, smooth, moist and dense.

3, appreciation, preservation. The log grows for hundreds of years and becomes a material. There are also restrictions on environmental protection laws. The scarcity is getting stronger and the arts and crafts will be more and more expensive. Whose wages will not rise?

4, self-identity value. You will not tell people how many of your deposits you have, but you love to display home and office furniture to gain recognition and dignity, so as to show your financial strength, taste and interest.

5, historical and cultural values. The Chinese will not emotionally spend a lot of money on Jesus' hair. We are pursuing where we come from. What kind of ancestors? Otherwise, how does one Hekun and Jiajing and Cao Cao touch thousands of families? Traditional mahogany furniture is revealing the aesthetics and living environment of the ancestors and the fun. We also bathe them. The people in the culture are fascinating personality, with a span of hundreds of years, it is difficult to penetrate the spiritual content.

Mahogany Furniture Furniture Furniture Furniture Furniture

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The twisted Sisal Rope has good nodule performance and light resistance, so it must be stored dry to avoid mildew. It is necessary to melt and paste the twisted rope at each end to prevent loosening

The difference between the 3 strand sisal ropes and the Manila Rope is that the rope is mostly unprocessed and therefore has a rougher feel, so it has excellent nodular characteristics. The twisted rope is usually fused and glued at each end to prevent loosening

Therefore, twisted Manila ropes are often used for coastal fishing, ships, agricultural farms, industrial bases, landscaping, and decorative techniques.

Sisal Rope

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