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At present, the foam floor mat has the characteristics of soft texture, high toughness, heat preservation, etc. It is mainly used in children's foam floor mats, but the foam floor mats have more brands on the market. Do you know the brand of foam mats ? The following small series simply introduces the brand of foam mats and the foam floor mats.

·Foam mat brand ranking

1, Bayburg's floor mat

Beibo is a children's products brand. In Shanghai, the company owns the product design and graphics ownership owned by the Beibo brand belong to Shanghai Beibo Children's Products Co., Ltd., in order to protect the Beibo brand and own it. The intellectual property rights are not infringed upon. The company has established patents in many countries such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and South Korea. At the same time, since its inception, Bayfront has been committed to provide pregnant women and infants with high quality, comfortable and environmentally friendly maternal and child products, and has won the trust of the majority of parents in Asia.

2, beautiful dragon mat

Meilong is a well-known trademark in foreign countries. His material is soft and soundproof. When a child crawls on it, he will not bruise the child. His bright colors make the baby feel infinite fun on it.

3, vines foam mats

Brand positioning is to provide the baby with safety, quality, perfection, design soul, and high value-added products. At the same time, he also planned and operated the "Mambo House" brand baby swimming products. He took the lead in registering the “Mambo Fish” trademark in China, and at the same time introduced a painted version of “Baby Pool” to break the “green” pattern of traditional swimming pools on the market, and then increased his knowledge to invest in it. International strict control.

4, small mushroom bean foam mat

The front surface of the small magic bean foam mat is a colored matte matte film, and the middle part is made of non-toxic and odorless PE cotton that is harmless to the human body. The bottom of PE cotton is two layers, and it has the function of moisture-proof insulation and cold insulation. It is convenient and safe to use in the home.

Is the foam mat toxic?

Foam mats are made from the toxic substances of formamide and emit this substance, which is banned in Belgium and Germany.

The baby is small and the skin is very fragile. Laying this foam floor mat can cause damage to the baby's eyes and skin. Many mothers measure the mats by their size. In fact, they are poisonous regardless of their size. Belgium has conducted rigorous tests on mats and confirmed that the jigsaw mats are poisonous.

Foam mats have not yet been identified in China. However, they are sold in major supermarkets and shopping malls. The packaging is only covered with a layer of plastic skin. The above is just a shoe manufacturer. There is no detailed address. This mat is not trustable. Wang Tingwei, professor of the Department of Polymer Science, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology, said that the use of formamide in foam plastic products can make plastic foam. The larger the amount, the lighter the plastic. For example, plastic slipper may add formamide. It is reported that at present, there is no restriction on the amount of formamide used in the relevant regulations for foam plastic products.

The relevant information on the foam mat brand ranking is introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help you. If you still have anything you don’t understand, you can follow our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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