Floor waxing how to build allows you to fully understand the floor waxing

The floor is widely used in many families with children of the elderly and children, and brings a good feeling of footwork. It is laid well on the floor, and many decoration users will choose to wax the floor to ensure a more beautiful appearance. What is the floor waxing process? Today we use the following content to learn to understand together!

How to apply wax to the floor

1. Before waxing the floor, it is necessary to prepare tools. If the waxing area is large, it is recommended to use waxing equipment. If the waxing area is small, you can use rags for construction. It seems that the tool is relatively simple, but the actual waxing effect is very meticulous. In addition to tools, special floor waxes should also be prepared.

2. At the same time before waxing, the floor base should be cleaned, and the furniture in the waxing area should be removed from the space. Vacuum cleaners can be used to keep the ground free of dust and debris, so as to avoid poor waxing effect. Cleaning Use a wrung mop or rag to wipe the floor. Wait until the floor is completely dry before waxing.

3. Pour the floor wax into the container, mix according to a certain proportion, mix evenly, and then wipe the floor cloth with a rag or sponge in the container so as not to dribble. Try it out. After construction, there is no problem, you can do a large area of ​​construction, in accordance with the direction of the wood texture of the floor brushing carefully, the construction speed should not be too fast, to maintain the uniform thickness of the wax surface.

4. Floor wax construction should be carried out twice. After the floor has been waxed again, it should be waxed again. Between the two constructions, the wax surface must be thoroughly dried before it can be re-applied. After it has been completely dried, it must be sanded. After the floor is waxed, the floor should be evacuated and the floor allowed to dry for one hour.

Floor waxing matters needing attention

1. When the floor is waxed, the floor wax should not be smeared directly on the surface of the floor. This can easily result in unremovable marks on some parts of the floor. At the same time, it should also be noted that avoiding the incorporation of objects such as sandpaper into floor wax can also cause minor wear.

2. The amount of waxing on the floor, in fact, has certain requirements, not using more floor wax the better. Once the amount is too much, it is easy to appear gaps are filled, resulting in poor brightness of the floor, thus affecting the decorative effect. Due to the waxed floor, there will be a cover film on the surface, so it is not necessary to wax it often, and it is mainly based on waxing once every six months.

3. If the floor has been repeatedly waxed, before the construction, the original wax surface should be cleaned, you can use wax surface cleaning products to remove, but need to pay attention to the correct operation, so as not to cause product damage to the ground.

With regard to floor waxing , Xiao Bian introduced it here for the time being, hoping to help you. If you want to learn more about the floor, you can pay attention to this site information, more exciting content waiting for you.

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