Floor drain what material good floor drain purchase notes

The floor drain is connected to the sewer and is the seal of the sewer. Do not look at it is just a small place, but if you do not deal with it will bring a lot of trouble, when the time is not only cost and effort. Floor drains are buried underground, so they cannot be replaced frequently. Therefore, the choice of floor drain material is very important. So, what is a good material to leak it? Floor drain to pay attention to what issues? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

First, the floor drain what material is good

1, all-copper chrome floor drain: Most of the current market is full copper chrome floor drain, full copper chrome floor drain coating thickness, so even if the use of a long time, long copper rust, but the cleaning is still relatively easy. The lifetime of all copper chrome floor drains can be used for at least 6 years, and the performance is relatively good. Therefore, it gradually takes up an increasingly large market share in the market.

2, all-copper floor drain: Copper floor drain and full copper chrome floor drain performance can be used for at least 6 years. The difference is the chrome plating layer. The chrome plating layer on the copper floor drain is thinner, and it is easier to rust than the all-chrome chrome drain.

3, stainless steel floor drain: Although the appearance of stainless steel floor drain is beautiful, deodorant effect is good, long service life, but the cost of stainless steel floor drain is higher than the PVC floor drain, the coating is relatively thin, so in a few years it is easy to rust, and stainless steel floor drain The tiles do not look good.

4, PVC floor drain: PVC floor drain prices are relatively cheap, deodorant effect is good, but easy to aging, the material is relatively crisp, in the cold north, it will take longer to replace, so the market is not very optimistic about.

5, zinc alloy floor drain: Although strong corrosion resistance, cheap, but the service life is particularly short, Xiao Bian recommended not to buy.

6, ceramics, environmental protection materials, floor drain: good performance, of course, with the tile floor of course not appropriate, but most of them are custom products, the price is expensive.

Second, the floor drain precautions

1, deodorant: floor drain deodorant function is very important. Floor drain and deodorant function depends mainly on the sealing method. The homeowner can perform specific analysis based on the location of the floor drain to choose different floor drains.

2. Displacement: The floor drain shall be large enough to drain quickly even if there is a serious situation such as water bursting. You can choose the right floor drain according to the size of the ground drain inner diameter and the location of use.

3, filter function: filter function is better, the bathroom will inevitably have hair and the like, bad filter function will lead to blockage of the pipeline, then the cleaning work will be very troublesome. The filter function has a lot to do with the aperture of the filter.

4, surface treatment: According to their own decoration style and budget to choose suitable floor drain.

The above information about the floor drain material and the floor drain purchase precautions are briefly introduced here, and I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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