Famous craftsman decorated word of mouth how to master decoration decoration model room picture appreciation

Nowadays, there are countless people who buy houses in the city, so decoration will become a required course for the owners. Many of the owners are stunned with the decoration, so they will hand over the relevant matters to the decoration company. Every city also has a lot of decoration companies. Which one to choose is also a headache for people. Then you heard that the famous craftsmen decorate them ? How about the master craftsman decoration? Don't worry, if you are interested in the decoration of famous craftsmen , Maybe come with me to learn about the decorations of the next master craftsman!

First, the famous craftsman decoration company profile

Designed for business leaders’ homes

At the beginning of its establishment, it insisted on taking the high-end line, pursuing perfect quality, and meticulously designing and decorating high-end homes. Designing for the home business leaders is its corporate responsibility and social mission. For more than 10 years, the master craftsman has decorated the mansion villa and never fails.

"Ten Road rewards people's morality good business road remuneration." Mingfa Decoration is committed to building academic-oriented enterprises, using high-end design as the core competitiveness, providing customers with total home solutions, creating added value that cannot be duplicated and irreplaceable, and creating an industry-leading design concept and cultural system with an international perspective.

"Uncompromising attention to craftsmanship." The master craftsmanship is rooted in design and culture, based on integrity and quality. Each project is regarded as a work of art, and the owners are uniquely honoured with unique buildings.

In the future development of the road, the master craftsman will, as always, reward each owner with professional design, high-quality engineering and excellent service, and fully promote the process of Chinese Habitat!

Designing home for corporate leaders is the strategic positioning of past master craftsmen in the past 10 years, and the same high-end quality line in the next 10 years!

Second, the scope of business:

High-end home design, decoration

Villa luxury apartment complex, etc.

Public space design, decoration

Office restaurant factory shop hotel garden catering

Home materials, accessories

Third, corporate services:

After comprehensive analysis and study of traditional construction techniques, combined with more than 20 years of rich construction experience, we have introduced a lean project that is unique and far ahead in the industry.

Prerequisites for lean engineering - excellent design solutions

There are a large number of top-notch and professional designers in the industry. They have unique design concepts and rich design experience and can provide customers with excellent design solutions in the shortest time. Only excellent design solutions can have excellent construction blueprints.

The essence of lean engineering - high quality construction timber

Strictly control the quality of construction materials, the use of materials are high quality and environmental protection indicators to reach the national standard, superior technology level, quality is absolutely reliable. In the material procurement, inspection, storage, delivery, transportation, construction and other aspects of the strict management. Ensure that construction materials are safe, environmentally friendly and of good quality.

Lean Engineering Performance - Scientific Construction Process

There are strict construction procedures and uniform construction procedures. Hydraulics, electricians, mason, carpenters, painters, etc. not only have strict construction requirements and acceptance criteria, but also the coordination among the five major types of work and close coordination.

Key to Lean Engineering - Standardized Construction Management

Use scientific, efficient and responsible management methods and specifications. Perfect rules and regulations, multi-level quality management system. Not only ensure the quality and safety of construction projects, but also ensure the standardization, specialization, and institutionalization of construction projects.

Lean engineering protection - strict project acceptance

With a professional and efficient quality inspection team, they use digital, intelligent testing equipment, strictly abide by standardized and standardized acceptance standards to ensure that every detail of the project is qualified.

Fourth, corporate honor:

Bird's Nest Cup · Top 100 Chinese Architectural Decoration Enterprises

Wen Zhejiang Tao, General Manager of the Group, won the title of “Top Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs of Bird Nest Cup Building Decoration in China”

National Top 100 Enterprises in Residential Decoration Industry

National residential decoration industry famous brand enterprise

AAAA Grade Credit Enterprise in the National Residential Decoration Industry

The decorative brand trusted by the mainstream media in the country

National residential decoration industry famous brand enterprise

Won the title of “3.15 Quality Complaint, Service No Complaint, Honest Enterprise”

Was named as a trusted consumer brand company in the decorative world

Won the "National Residential Decoration Demonstration Project Award"

Awarded the brand "Three Successive Companies" by consumers in the decorative world

Rated as a consumer satisfaction home brand

The most influential decorative brand in South China

Top Ten Most Influential Brands in South China

Outstanding decorative brand in South China

Guangdong famous decoration design company

Guangdong Decoration Industry Honesty Enterprise

Editor's summary: The above is the famous artisan decoration word of mouth how to appreciate the knowledge of the famous decoration decoration model room picture appreciation, hope to help to have the needs of the friends! For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will be presented More exciting content!

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