Elastic fibers will be the heart repair material

Elastic fibers will be the heart repair material

When a heart attack occurs, scar tissue eventually replaces the resulting necrotic heart tissue. In other words, anyone who has experienced a heart attack will leave an "injured heart." For this reason, the medical community has also been looking for functional myocardial tissue that can replace necrotic tissue. Recently, the University of Tel Aviv proposed a bold idea - using elastic fibers instead of necrotic tissue.

In general, the experimenter will put cardiomyocytes in a three-dimensional nano-scaffold structure, and then let them grow together to get the heart tissue. It is reported that this structural tissue is used as a collagen in heart cells.

In previous scientific research activities, most researchers used relatively straight growth structures. This time, Tel Aviv University proposed a spiral structure. The school’s researchers used electrospinning technology to create fibers that resembled a telephone's spiral. The final test proved that this helical fiber performs better in the heart than straight fiber.

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