Eight Intercom System Maintenance Rules

The building intercom system is the security line in our home. Once it is destroyed, it is prone to a door-to-door theft. Therefore, we must maintain and maintain the security guards of building intercoms.
First, when you open the door, wait for the building staff to issue an opening signal, and then hear the "click" sound and then pull the door, do not force to pull the door before.
Second, the door closer should not be open for a long time. If the opening time is too long, it may cause the door closer to leak oil, making it unable to work normally.
3. Bring your own key with you and don't lend it to other people. Don't let people who don’t know each other, people with small advertisements, and small business hawkers enter the door.
Fourth, do not open the door to the door for a long time to the maximum, but do not use bricks, sticks and other hard objects in the lower corner of the door hinges and the lower threshold, so easy to damage the door closers, especially when the wind is very easy to cause The door leaf is damaged.
5. Once the door leaf cannot be opened, do not squash it and kick it in a random manner. Be sure to turn it back on and wait for the entire system to resume its original state (about 1 minute).
6. When using the key to open the door, do not hold the doorknob tightly and turn the key by hand. Because the electronic system will send an electrical signal to the mechanical part during the door opening process. Since the force of the mechanical part to open the lock tongue is very small, if it is tightened, The handle cannot be opened, so that the tongue cannot be retracted and the door leaf cannot be opened.
Seven, in the home improvement, try not to move the indoor intercom system extension, if you need to move, please professionals.
8. When the electronically controlled lock cylinder is used for three to four months, it is best to carry out a care and maintenance in order to open the flexible and key.

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